Did you know about electronica that… ?

2700 exhibitors from almost 80 countries and more than 74 000 participants. This is also about electronica exhibition. We will be there. And what about you?

This is an archive article published 10/03/2014. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

November is almost here and the world’s biggest exhibition in the field of electro-technic, too. The place where all the important players from the field will meet is going to be electronica 2014 in Munich,or so-called „e-Planet“, as organizers named it. This year it opens its doorson 11.11.2014 for the 50th time.

Interesting facts about electronica exhibition:

  • held every even year in November
  • in 2014 it will be the 50th year
  • more than 74 000 návštevníkov a odbornej verejnosti zo 78 krajín
  • 89% of participants have decision-making rights
  • 47% of participants occupy managerial positions
  • 33% of participants are developers, 5% are designers and 3% are engineers
  • 2669 exhibitors from the field
  • 12 halls
  • 143 000 m2exhibition area
  • SOS electronic will be part this year’s exhibition too and for the first time, it will be right in the heart of it, in hall A5 stand 462.You can find us together with Conrad under one roof. See you on 11.11.2014 in Munich.

    Come to meet us and become a part of the electro-technicians’ planet.

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