Everything began 20 years ago

It all began over 20 years ago, when under the leadership of Mrs. Ruzickova several spontaneous enthusiasts in Brno in rented offices with an area of about 250 m2 began distributing electronic components.

This is an archive article published 05/26/2011. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.
Everything began 20 years ago
In this building in Brno the brand SOS electronic has began to write its history. electronic.
Everything began 20 years ago
And this how our headquarters looks like today
At the beginning we had available practically only one vehicle and six used computers. Everything we provide ourselves, we purchased goods from a one distributor and once per week we transport it by ourself directly from Germany. The stock inluded about 1,200 items. We have available a catalog of selected German supplier. We have created what at that time was not the usual - traveling sales representatives. Once a year we have met with you for selected exhibitions. We distribute about 10 packages per day to our customers. Product was delivered to the whole Czechoslovakia. We went through different turbulent period, achieve beautiful results, but also made a few mistakes from inexperience beginners. Then our country was divided and in 1995 another group of enthusiasts led by Mr Seszták create the second branch with 8 people in Košice. Subsequently, both groups distributed components in their territories.
A time was passing by...

For 20 years, we are here thanks to you, our customers, and today 66 people respond daily to your needs and requirements in 6 branches in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Germany. We have our customers in 85 countries worldwide. As we gradually increased, based on your needs, we have studied for many years, we defined a set of brands and manufacturers, we have agreed with suppliers and currently represent. This means no longer just passive sales, but everything from training, initial support, sampling, deliveries to the 0-series to mass production. We have established direct cooperation with about 50 manufacturers and about 200 distributors from around the world (Europe, Asia, Korea, Japan, America, Australia).

Following the merger of branches and build a modern logistics center in Košice, we moved into new building, having an area approximately 2000 m2 and in the near future we will expand these areas. We currently have in stock about 15,000 items and daily receiving goods from 30 manufacturers by transport companies from around the world. Every day we send via UPS, GLS, DPD or by post from 200 to 350 shipments directly to customers. Deliveries are made "just in time". All about us and our product range can be found already in 11th issue of our catologue in different languages on our website. Orders can be entered online via the webshop in 6 languages. Throughout the year we are pleased to meet our customers at several various exhibitions .

Thank you for helping us achieve this result.

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