This exceptional event with TOP innovative ideas was the first exhibition of its kind in the Middle East. In addition to the breathtaking technological innovations enjoyed by many enthusiasts, it was also a unique place to gain new business contacts. The exhibition was a place to present technological achievements from around the world.

Visitors could enjoy a rich cultural program, and a wide range of interactive exhibitions and were introduced to many environmentally sustainable initiatives. All these progressive thoughts could be experienced in one place. 


Breathtaking technologies

It was all about futurism, monumentality, and physical phenomena. Dubai Expo 2020 was a place that combined sustainable design with the timeless architecture of the future. Visitors had the opportunity to see buildings that can generate electricity, oxygen or even maintain a microclimate.

We have selected the most interesting of them:

  1. Terra, the sustainability pavilion

97% of recycled steel and 1,055 solar panels. This monument was located right at one of the main entrances. The Terra Pavilion represented the strategy of an energy-sustainable operation. 

This building is able to produce all the energy and water on its own. It is hidden under a huge funnel-shaped roof, which also serves as a collector of rainwater and air vapour. It then leads them to the gardens that are lined around. There are also 18 smaller "energy trees” near the building for the same purpose, which are following the sun and can store excess energy for later.

The building is expected to be able to generate 4 GWh of electricity per year. As the name of the pavilion suggests, this energy is used mainly for its own operation, such as the rotation of "trees", cooling systems or equipment for the collection and recycling of water.


  1. Expo Explorer – ecology comes first    

What is the future of ecological transport? In addition to travelling through the resort, visitors of EXPO Dubai 2020 had the opportunity to experience the future with the Expo Explorer train, which was powered by compressed air technology

This was the first time that this technology had been used in practice. The train took visitors through the exhibition pavilions and gave them an insight into the sustainable future of transport. They just jumped in and enjoyed one of the most important events in the world.



  1. Beating heart of Al Wasl Plaza exhibition

In the middle of the entire Expo Dubai, 2020 complex stands the majestic Al Wasl Plaza. 

This laser screen is the largest of its kind. Its dome construction changed to a 360-degree projection screen every night. With the use of more than 250 projectors, it was possible to create an extraordinary atmosphere over the heads of visitors and expand their experience of the performance, which took place on a small stage in its middle. 

Every event, rest or evening walk under this dome has thus turned into an unforgettable experience. As the dome was transparent, this fascinating theater became accessible to all visitors indoors and outdoors.



  1. UK Pavilion – As a poet would say… or artificial intelligence?

An admirable part of the British pavilion was its wooden façade with LED displays, specially modified and embedded in a wooden structure, which displayed a poem generated by artificial intelligence every 60 seconds.

Experts have trained this algorithm by "feeding" it with more than 15,000 poems in English and Arabic. Visitors could enter words into the algorithm and then read the generated poem in the mobile application.

EXPO 2020 Dubai. Technologies that will take your breath away


  1. Multi-saving elevator of the future

MULTI elevator developed by German engineers, and designed for use in modern high-rise buildings, is also worth mentioning. It does not need ropes and can move not only vertically but also horizontally.

It uses the so-called maglev, i.e. the technology of magnetic levitation, where part of the magnets keeps the cabin away from the shaft and the other part ensures its movement. The main advantage of such an elevator is that it does not "cut" as much of the floor area of each floor as a common elevator. In addition, it is much easier to optimize its energy consumption and passenger waiting times.

  1. Prodigy supercomputer

The Slovak pavilion presented the technological jewel in the crown by Tachyum. It was a universal Prodigy processor, which with its credibility tries to replace the functions of the human brain. Its capacity is up to 64 exaflops, which makes it one of the most powerful supercomputers of its kind. 

Its creators have high hopes for addressing the many complex challenges of human society, from faster drug discovery and vaccine development to climate change impact assessments, weather forecasting and personalized medical treatment.

  1. Hydrogen car MH2

Slovaks also presented an innovative solution in the field of mobility. It was a unique hydrogen car MH2, which was created thanks to the cooperation of the Technical University in Košice and the MATADOR Group, which reflected the use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel in the near future and the reduction of emissions to a minimum. In addition to the ecological aspect, the car also comes with a timeless futuristic design. 


Everyone came into one’s own

EXPO Dubai 2020 was undoubtedly a showcase of cutting-edge technologies and innovations from every part of the world. Technology enthusiasts, gourmets, artists, eco-activists and, in fact, everyone who cares about the future of our planet have had the opportunity to learn something new. 

The 192 participating countries tried to inspire individuals and communities by demonstrating international cooperation, cutting-edge innovations, or sustainable solutions from around the world. This year, they were able to contribute to the revival of the world economy after the Corona crisis thanks to innovative inventions and solutions that were presented at the Dubai Expo 2020.

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