Flick over the pages of our new SOSnews 1/2021 on web ( + competition evaluation )

The newest issue of SOSnews 1/2021 is already in electronic form on our website in 5 languages. Please take a look.

You can read in the newest issue of SOSnews

Flick over the pages of our new SOSnews 1/2021 on  web ( + competition evaluation )


  • Latest news about SOS electronic ...


  • How we compared the discrete design and the modular display solution


  • Comfortable and remote monitoring of your devices


  • Ruggedised power solutions for railway applications TracoPower DC/DC converters guarantee full performance in
  • Artificial Intelligence in your Electrical Enclosure
  • Wago DIN rail terminal blocks
  • SCD4x The Smallest CO2 Sensor
  • Eye-catching design for your Hammond enclosure


  • WiFi/ISM/BT antenna for industrial environments
  • FLUKE – buy one, get one FREE - Extended Offer
  • Finder relays for railway applications
  • No screw, no cry


  • Invoice details

On Monday, June 21, 2021, we closed the questionnaire.

Thank you for your effort and all your answers.

76 of the readers answered correctly.

Correct answers: 1. 30 years, 2. WAGO, 3. for example. forklift, passenger car...

We drew 3 winners of interesting prizes:

1. prize - Set of tools for electronics 45pcs - Mr. Máté from Miškovec / Hungary

2. prize - Measuring device UT131C - Mr. Zdeněk from Vsetín / Czech Republic

3. prize - Shopping bag SOS electronic - Mrs. Zdenka from Žilina / Slovakia

Congratulations to the winners!

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