That is why we came up with an online conference, which aims to attract your attention with a wave of new technologies and open the door to the world of the latest technical information.

Let us invite you to the Debatech online conference. This time, it will be exceptional.

"Previous years have been very successful, focusing mainly on the local listener, language and region. Due to the great interest and hundreds of viewers, we feel a great hunger for information in the field of electronics all over the world. That is why we make the Debatech conference accessible to literally everyone. Although the individual shoots will be in the local language, we will prepare captions for all videos to make the content even more accessible. Advertising breaks will also be something new. These breaks will be used to introduce various brands from the world of technology. I believe the viewer really has something to look forward to," says Denisa Majláthová, marketing specialist at SOS electronic. 

Be our guest on Tuesday, October 11th and watch presentations on professional topics focused on sensors and software methods for reducing the peak temperature of modern multi-core chips or electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Do you rather work with wireless technologies? Book time for presentations about NB-IoT and LTE-M or communication modules. 

Our speakers are:

  • Heliodor Macko, CEO of SEAK, Slovakia
  • Michal Sojka, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic
  • Péter Bátorfi, CEO of Intelliport, Hungary
  • Igor Ginzburg and Mark Schoppel, Traco Power Group, Switzerland
  • Owen Wei and Daniele Cleri, AAEON Technology (Europe) B.V., Netherlands
  • Peter Feciľak, CEELAB, Technical University, Slovakia
  • Rubino Antonio and  Gysel Marco, Sensirion, Switzerland
  • Bystrík Míček, WERKEMOTION design studio, Slovakia

Get Drawn into the World of Technology at the Debatech Conference

Do you want to speak at a conference, become a partner or see your ad during a break? 

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