Let’s build smart cities together

Let’s build smart cities together
Thanks to modern technologies, we use fewer vehicles, fewer resources and produce less harmful emissions.
In practice, this means an efficient network of public transport, economical water supply, reliable waste collection and its treatment services, more efficient ways of lighting and heating buildings.

But it also includes responsible and interactive city management, safer public spaces and responsiveness to the needs of an ageing population.

Today, 54% of people live in cities. In 30 years, we expect this number to increase to ⅔ of the population. Investing in Smart City solutions is, therefore, an investment in the future.

At SOS electronic, we take all these facts into account and provide components and support to manufacturers of electronic devices. Thanks to them, their solutions will reach the market quickly and sustainably.

Smart city solutions include the following areas:

  • Let’s build smart cities together
    Smart street lighting  - Intelligent and weather adaptive lighting in street lights.
  • Smart parking - Monitoring of parking spaces available in the city.
  • Security - Property, alarms, access system, ...
  • Vehicle & Bike Sharing - Sharing in general, bikes, scooters, ...
  • Traffic congestion - Monitoring of vehicles and pedestrian levels to optimise driving and walking routes.
  • Air quality - control of CO2 emissions, dust particles, ...
  • Waste Management - Detection of rubbish levels in containers to optimize the trash collection routes.
  • Smart Roads - Warning messages and diversions according to climate conditions and unexpected events like accidents or traffic jams.
  • Warning & notification systems - Electronic sirens, emergency notification systems.
  • Water Leakages - Detection of a liquid presence outside tanks and pressure variations along pipes.

Product categories and areas of their use in Smart City applications:

  • COMMUNICATION, ANTENNAS - for faster and more reliable data transmission, a.k.a the nervous system of a smart city

Communication and data transfer are essential in a smart city. Data on the state of the air, the situation in traffic, the lighting of streets and car parks, even the state of filling of waste containers. All information must be evaluated, and then the orders for actions must be returned to the original place. We have a solution for each of these applications.

  • Quectel - radio modules for communication using LTE, CAT M1, LoRa or NB IoT technologies and GNSS modules for geolocation.
  • Lantronix and Wiznet - offer wi-fi modules.
  • 2J Antennas - antennas for communication modules.
  • Yitran - integrated circuits and modules for data transmission over power lines.

  • POWER SUPPLIES, BATTERIES - electricity is blood in the arteries of a smart city

Power is probably the most important part of any application. Unique power supplies with an extended operating temperature range, as well as batteries that last 10 years.

  • Traco Power - a wide selection of DC/DC converters that meet the most stringent requirements for various applications.
  • Fanso, EVE - lithium batteries, different versions according to the nature of the load.

  • ELECTROMOBILITY - smart city minimizes the amount of exhaust fumes

According to the Inrix 2020 Global Traffic Scorecard, drivers in Bogota spent an average of 133 hours in traffic jams last year. They are followed by Bucharest and New York that have similar results. These numbers make skilled developers of our customers think.

A partial solution is electromobility, which is an integral part of the transition to environmentally friendly mobility. And this is especially important where there is a high concentration of vehicles, i.e. in cities.

Thanks to a wide range of products and solutions, we are a reliable partner for car and charging infrastructure manufacturers.

  • Phoenix Contact - individual parts, but also complete sets for charging electric cars.

  • CONNECTORS – every connection counts

We have observed many technical solutions in nature. The same is true for connectors. Male, female, you know. It is still true that more complex electronics consist of several blocks and these need to be interconnected. However, the supply voltage must also be supplied to the device somehow. We also need to connect an external antenna. We need a reliable connector everywhere. To make assembly, repair and replacement as efficient as possible.

  • Wago - connectors, terminal blocks and also systems, e.g. for street lighting.
  • TE Connectivity - offers such a wide range of connectors that it will probably satisfy all requirements in every district of a smart city.

Let’s build smart cities together

  • DISPLAYS & OPTOELECTRONICS – eyes and face of a city

A modern city informs its inhabitants. Modern devices inform their operators. And we can provide the most information to the eyes. The display panel is a typical component for control panels as well as information boards, ticket machines and much more. They are required to be highly reliable and have excellent readability.

  • Electronic Assembly - OLED displays with a wide range of operating temperatures, intelligent TFT displays and touch panel.

  • EMBEDDED SYSTEMS – computers as the brain of the city

Embedded systems evaluate data from sensors, receive commands from the operator, send control commands, and many computers already have artificial intelligence. You can design such systems from module computers, single-board computers, industrial motherboards, SSD discs, and RAM.

  • SENSORS – sensory organs of the city

Sensors of relative humidity, temperature, CO2, solid pollutants allow the system to monitor the situation in the air and, if necessary, to propose effective measures to improve the situation. Other sensors detect the presence of people and objects at monitored locations.

  • Sensirion - manufactures reliable and sensitive sensors with Swiss precision for measuring temperature, humidity, gas concentration and solid particles.
  • NISSHA FIS - manufactures reliable and sensitive gas sensors with Japanese precision.

The Smart City area is ideal for new and unusual ideas. Sometimes all you need is just a few simple components. You can find them at SOS electronic; we will be happy to help you with that. For more information, please check the interactive flyer in PDF.

Let us know your requirements, and we will find a suitable solution for you. Do not hesitate to contact us at sales@soselectronic.com.

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