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Level of rights for e-shop users


Our e-shop allows setting different levels of rights for individual users. You can choose whether your colleagues should have an access to invoices, orders, or whether they can order goods on behalf of your company.

This is an archive article published 28.08.2017. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.
It is possible to select one of these three levels:

  1. Administrator - can do everything, including setting rights to their colleagues
  2. Senior - can do everything, except setting rights to their colleagues
  3. Basic - does not see the business agenda of the company, cannot buy, cannot set the rights to their colleagues
You can check your level of rights on My Profile / Basic Information page where the My Information column including your set level is positioned on the top right. Your colleagues' settings (if we register them) can be seen on the same page below, under My colleagues section. If you have Administrator rights, you can set rights to your colleagues here.


  • who will have an access to the e-shop and who will not - activate / deactivate the account
  • the level of rights in the e-shop
  • change the data about colleague (email, tlf, name)
  • delete a colleague from the list (for example, if s/he is not employed anymore)
  • add a new colleague to the list

What cannot SENIOR user do?

  • • request a change of billing information
  • • work with My colleagues list. However, they can view it.

What limitations does BASIC user have?

User with this level of rights cannot:
  • put items into shopping cart and place the order
  • view Invoices
  • view Orders and import the order
  • view Complaints and file a new complaint
  • go to favourite items and add more items in there
  • insert customer labels and view them (they can be seen on goods)
  • request a change of billing information
  • work with My colleagues list. However, they can view it.
  • work with delivery addresses

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