Review of 2019

The world sees its future in technologies. We want to be part of this future. In SOS electronic, we bet on information, technology and our proper understanding and knowledge of them. We are working hard to make sure that everybody around us, our customers, but also younger generations, have sufficient information. Every step forward counts and we have made a few in 2019 yet again.

  • We supported several high schools, student teams and organizations, summer camps, where we developed knowledge in the electrical field.
  • We organized webinars on LPWA technology, LTE data transfer, embedded devices and QT applications under Linux distribution, artificial intelligence and machine vision with AAOEN products.
  • In cooperation with Microsoft, we organized an IoT workshop using MS AzureCloud and AAEON development kits.With global manufacturer of wireless GPS modules, Quectel, we organized a workshop in two countries and focused on the LTE Cat M1 network.
  • With global manufacturer of wireless GPS modules, Quectel, we organized a workshop in two countries and focused on the LTE Cat M1 network.
  • In order to be closer to you, we exhibited at Embedded World 2019 in Munich and at Evertiq Expo in Krakow and Warsaw.
  • Throughout the year, we took a closer look at our warehouse and selected a few devices, measuring instruments, oscilloscopes, and other items that we thought would make it easier for any facility to operate. We visited 9 customers in 2 countries within two weeks. We talked to more like hundreds of people about their day-to-day activities, work assignments, and suggested big and also small changes to facilitate or speed up their usual activities.

Components from our warehouse can be found anywhere. From coal mines to space satellites. We also meet the demanding criteria and requirements of healthcare facilities suppliers. We supplied air quality sensors, GPS modules for traffic monitoring, production logistics. We have reached all these places thanks to you, our customers.

Having high-minded and satisfied partners around the world is every supplier's effort. We have them in you.

Thank you for your cooperation in 2019 and we look forward to the next successful months in 2020.


We are reinventing the way of electronic components distribution. As a multinational distribution company, we supply our electrical components everywhere.


Thank you for your lasting trust and we wish you full bags of christmas presents.
May the 2020 be built around pleasant surprises and building valuable relationships with the people you care about, just as we do.

Your SOS electronic team

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