Very precisely and intensively we update the information from our suppliers, as well as we also intensively communicate with forwarding companies and track the situation regarding the transport of goods for you.

Although many countries are nowadays gradually releasing precautions, in the time of the issue of this statement we still can confirm slight extensions of delivery times of electronic components from particular suppliers.

We find it very positive that almost all our suppliers have already opened their operations and started to manufacture the electronic components for you again.

However, we still do recommend to all customers to reconsider their needs of production stocks for the upcoming period of time and eventually to ensure these needs by placing their orders in advance.

We would like to assure you that we make our best additional effort to deliver goods in time, which we are doing well so far in the absolute majority of cases.

Regarding the operation of our company:

  • During the “corona time” we have operated in a full mode and we do fully operate now as well. Although some of our employees work remotely, we process 100% of your requirements.
  • Based upon your interest, SOS  electronic sales representatives are ready to meet you personally, following all necessary hygiene measures, of course.

Many thanks for understanding and support. ( #wereinthistogether )

Your SOS electronic Team