Mini Fluxer will spread solder there, where you want

… and will prevent to spread there, where you don´t want to. Fluxes in pen Stannol series Mini Fluxer belong to the invaluable helpers of every electro-technician.

How could I work without a flux so far? That´s a probable question of probably everyone, who once tried action of a solder flux. In a common wire solder, there´s some amount of a flux, usually sufficient for one-time soldering of a given joint, if the components to be soldered are clean and oxides-free. However, we know well a case, when we use for example an older PCB, or an older component with slightly oxidized leads and suddenly it´s much harder to reach an acceptable joint. Similar situation happens at an exchange of a component or any service action, when a solder tends to oxidize on a surface and create various bad-looking creatures, which are quite far from a professional joint. Fortunately, there´s a flux here ...

In general, fluxes act in a manner, that a solder is as if „more movable“ after application. It is mainly thanks to the protection against oxidation, change of surface tension and other influences. As a result it means, that a solder spreads well on metals and joints with a given material (what we naturally want) and on the non-metal substances (PCB) is a solder repelled as if on an oily surface.

At an automated „all-surface“ soldering, fluxes are usually applied by wetting (foam) or by spraying. At development and servicing smaller packages are much more practical, for example in a form of a pen. Two novelties in our offer also belong to this category:

● Stannol MINI-FLUXER X32-10i – halogen free, activated „No clean“ flux, practically residue-free, vey tolerant to various working conditions. Minimum amount of electrically safe transparent residues with a high insulation resistance enables its usage even at visible places and at production of highly reliable devices, including solar panels. Significantly eliminates build-up of bridges, that´s why it´s very suitable even for manual soldering of fine-pitch components.

● Stannol MINI-FLUXER X33S-07i – highly activated halogen-free „No clean“, resin-free flux, with a corrosion inhibitor, very suitable even for copper surfaces – clean, passivated or lacquered by rosin-based agents. Excellent wetting even on poorly adherent surfaces. Excellent spreading manifests by for example trouble-free filling of vias by a solder.

Stainless steel spring mechanism of a pen enables simple and precise dosage and also a long pen lifetime. During application, it´s only necessary to softly press on the tip. Both fluxes are in our stable stock offer, available immediately or in a short leadtime (in case of a temporary out-of -stock status).
Detailed information will provide you the Stannol-X32-10i and Stannol-X33S-07i datasheets.

In case of interest in any Stannol products, please contact us at

Advantages/ Features:

  • 2 types of pen-type fluxes for soldering
  • invaluable helper for development and service
  • enables to reach first-class joints
  • precise mechanism with an stainless steel spring
  • quality „No clean“ fluxes with a minimum of residues

Main products

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Chemical Products

NO-CLEAN flux pen 10ml F-SW33

Ord.number: 172393
Product info: S


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MINI-FLUXER X33S-07i 10ml

Chemical Products

NO-CLEAN flux pen 10ml F-SW23

Ord.number: 172394
Product info: S


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2 pcs+ 5,6600 €

5 pcs+ 5,4100 €

10 pcs+ 5,2200 €

Additional products
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FMKANC 32-005


More info: FMKANC32-005.pdf

Chemical Products



in stock 12 pcs

1 pcs+ 24,2000 €

3 pcs+ 22,8000 €

5 pcs+ 21,2000 €

10 pcs+ 20,5000 €

FLUX SK 10 = LOTLACK SK 10 200ml

Protective fux for PCB

More info: FluxSK10_TDS.pdf




in stock 43 pcs
(07.10.2016: 24 pcs)

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Rosin soldering flux 45g (colophony)

Chemical Products



in stock 499 pcs
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Tip Activator 22,5g

Chemical Products



in stock 8 pcs

1 pcs+ 10,1000 €

Tippy (272018)

Soldering tip cleaner 220-450°C Sn97Cu3 powder w/ additives

More info: Tippy.pdf

Chemical Products



in stock 19 pcs

1 pcs+ 14,7000 €

5 pcs+ 13,5000 €

10 pcs+ 12,4000 €

50 pcs+ 10,8000 €

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