RTH34024 relay (1415039-1) is primarily designed for PCB mounting and, thanks to its size, does not take up much space.

Moreover, thanks to the pin layout, it is possible to switch voltages up to 400VAC.

The relay is manufactured with a 24VDC coil for general industrial use, but a 12VDC version (RTH34012) is also available. With today's steady miniaturisation trend, this relay satisfies even the most demanding industrial applications, emphasising the long-term service life required for PCB-mounted components without the possibility of replacement.

Another important factor is ambient temperature. The RTH series is capable of operating in a temperature range up to 105° C. In practice, it works well in devices that generate a lot of heat, such as power drives, boilers and various automation systems.

However, it is necessary to place the relay in the distribution box and connect it to the wiring. This is also possible if the socket RT7872P, RT78725, RT78726 or the like are used. With this extension, we will quickly replace the relay in applications with many working cycles.

There are many options, and even if it is just a small part, its right choice is crucial and cannot be underestimated. Check out our relay offer; you will surely find the correct relay for you too.

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