Cutting tools surely belong to hand tools, which we very frequently use for a direct „touch“ to components leads.

If you maintain all precaution for work with ESD sensitive components on your workplace, maybe it´s not that necessary to use ESD safe pliers. But it should be said that the electrostatic charge can occur even directly “in the tool” (hand, friction,….), that´s why to ensure 100% safety it´s always advisable to use tools that dissipate electrostatic charge. In majority of cases it means, that a hand of the tool is made of a plastic, which is not a “perfect” insulant but vice versa it has a certain conductivity.

That ESD safe tools are affordable is also proven by cutting pliers Toolcraft 816743. These are quality pliers intended to cut wires and leads of components up to 1.3mm diameter (Cu). With an overall length of 134 mm they fit well into a hand and with blades hard of 60 HRC they will remain sharp for a long time.

Pliers 816743 can be found in our stable stock offer. In case of interest even in other types, please contact us at