Traco TSR-1 for free! Are you one of them?

20 of you, which took part in our recent contest, can already soon try these great switch-mode regulators for free.

This is an archive article published 27.03.2013. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.
No doubt, that switch-mode regulators are a very perspective replacement for low-efficient linear stabilizers. This is also reflected in your interest and in a record participation in the contest published in article - Try the effective replacement for standard 78xx regulators. In total 504 of you, our readers have sent us an answer to a little bit “insidious” question - What inductor is necessary for a proper operation of the TSR-1?
The correct answer is, that TSR-1 is a complete solution comprising an inductor, that´s why it doesn´t need any coil-inductor for a proper operation. In most cases you answered correctly, but many of you also wrote, that an 8,2 uH inductor is necessary. We admit, that the formulation of the question could also be understood in the way, that „What has to be made, in order the TSR-1 to meet EN 55022 class A?“ (when it is necessary to add a Pi filter with 8,2uH coil and two capacitors), that´s why we drawn the winners by lots from all participants.

Thanks for the participation, the winners of Traco TSR-1 regulators are:

Beck János (HU)
Kónya László (HU)
Polgár Zsolt (HU)
Ing. Dlugoš Alojz (SK)
Ing. Pavol Zuskáč (SK)
Milan Sihelský (SK)
Pavol Paralič (SK)
Ladislav Toldy (SK)
Ľubomír Bobák (SK)
Miroslav Motýľ (SK)
Ivan Doležal (CZ)
Boris Letocha (CZ)
Jaroslav Kvíz (CZ)
Jaroslav Čechák (CZ)
Ing. Filip Šaněk (CZ)
František Kefurt (CZ)
Petr Sedláček (CZ)
Bartłomiej Szczygieł (PL)
Ing. Boris Klusmeyer (DE)
Bogdan Argatu (RO)

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