Variolab+ laboratory furniture can help also to you

Highly variable tables and furniture Variolab+ are suitable for education and also for production/ service. Thanks to a wide range of various modules it´s possible to arrange a configuration that perfectly suits your needs.

This is an archive article published 08/30/2018. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

It´s possible to work in various conditions. Excessively said - even on a classic office table. However, for a really effective work it´s certainly better to use a table, where everything is there, where you want, it has a correct height, offers a lot of space for the work itself, it´s safe and it also might be ESD safe...

Variolab+ laboratory tables produced by a Czech company Diametral meet the highest criteria of ergonomics and safety.

A few-thousand (Euro) investment for a common configuration of such table is probably too much for a beginning designer, but for fully engaged production-, service- and testing workplaces as well as school classrooms this equipment quickly “refunds”.

For example thanks to these reasons:

maximal workspace while maintaining all devices easy to reach (power supplies, circuit breakers, measuring equipment, isolating transformer,…)

● minimum time to start a work, high efficiency of work/ education

possibility of a central remote control (for example by a teacher) or also to adjust max. voltage limit and similar

high safety, certified solution

● enables to compose a table exactly according to your needs with maximal usage of available space

stable construction from robust steel components treated by a powder baked coating (long-term stable construction, stronger than similar one from aluminium)

modular design enables to choose from a large amount of electric and electro-mechanical modules, which can be installed in a rear part of a work-desk as well as above the work-desk

● open system enabling anytime to add other modules, superstructure,..

up to 150 kg work-desk load capacity thanks to a robust frame beneath the desk

● superstructure with devices (modules) can be placed on a work-desk or above the work-desk (to reach a max. space)

● possibility to equip also with pneumatic elements (air distribution,...)

Wide range has a standard height of 200mm and width in multiplies of 60mm. Basic work-desk can be equipped with boxes, cabinets, shelves, drawers, tiltable oscilloscope holder, tools holder,…. Among modules, which can be integrated in a table also belong a soldering station, oscilloscope, RLC decades, as well as various AC and DC power supplies, regulation transformers, circuit breakers,... Moreover, tables can be stacked into various sets and we´re also able to supply you with laboratory cabinets, chairs,....

For illustration we also bring you some photos of typical worktables, which we supplied to our customers. Guide price of such a table is approximately 4000 to 4500 Eur. Resulting price is naturally strongly dependent on types and amount of modules used in a given table.

Further information will provide you the Variolab+ catalogue (15 MB). For detailed information about available modules and various configurations, please don´t hesitate to contact us at

Variolab+ furniture is suitable for:

  • schools, laboratories and classrooms
  • testing and service
  • production of electronics
  • production of electromechaical and mechanical parts

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