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Voltcraft VC-337 multimeter with ultra-slim clamps

TRMS current clamps VC-337, thanks to their size and shape, are ideal for measuring in dense installations of distribution boxes and cars. Find them in our assortment.

If you have ever measured in a distribution box, for example, the leads to individual circuit breakers, you have probably encountered a similar situation - conventional clamp multimeters have pliers that are too wide, and thus it is very difficult or even impossible to measure the current flowing through individual conductors close to the circuit breakers.

Clamp multimeters with an extra narrow shape of pliers, to which the Voltcraft VC-337 also belongs, elegantly solve this problem.

Besides narrow jaws, the device is relatively small and narrow itself, so it fits your hand very well. The VC337 can also measure DC current at 1mA, making it an ideal instrument for measurement in conventional DC equipment as well as in automotive installations.

Maximum display reading is 3999, and the range selection is automatic. The VC337's high price/performance ratio is enhanced by the fact that the instrument measures the true effective value (TRMS) of AC values.

VC-337 current clamps can be found in our stable stock portfolio.

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