WizFi630S - Powerful WiFi module ready for grand challenges

Gateway + router + serial converter + WIFI Bridge + OPEN WRT. All in one tiny package, including 580 MHz processor and own operating system. Just connect a sensor or a relay, and you can start the program for your application. Sounds interesting?

This is an archive article published 04/16/2020. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

WizFi630S is a gateway module integrating 1T1R 802.11 Wi-Fi, 580MHz CPU, Ethernet PHY, USB2.0 host, SD-XC, I2S, I2C and other GPIOs.

WizFi630S allows a device with a serial interface to connect to LAN or WLAN for remote control, measuring, and administration. WizFi630S can also work as an IP router because of its internal embedded switch. It supports interfaces like Serial (UART), LAN, and Wi-Fi(WLAN). Functions such as Serial (UART)-To-Wi-Fi, Serial-To-Ethernet and Ethernet-To-Wi-Fi are supported by scripts and/or commands in OpenWRT.

Users can connect to WizFi630S’s internal web server or use the serial commands for simple Wi-Fi settings – not only for serial devices but also 8/16/32 bit MCUs can use UART for simple Wi-Fi settings. WizFi630S can significantly reduce the procedures for wireless module design, testing, and certification. This tiny module is an ideal solution for users who lack wireless network experience. WizFi630S follows the 802.11b/g/n standard and supports up to 150Mbps speed in wireless interface.

You can use the WizFi630 evaluation board to test the module; all needed documents are available online. Technical support is directly from the manufacturer.


  • WizFi630A Pin compatible 
  • CPU with 580MHz Clock 
  • 16-bit DDR2 128Mbytes SRAM, 32Mbytes SPI Flash
  • Complies with IEEE802.11b/g/n 
  • Gateway/AP(Bridge)/AP-Client/Client (Station)/Ad-hoc Mode, WDS/Repeater supports 1T1R RF Interface (2.4G only) 
  • Physical link rate up to 150Mpbs 
  • Built-in 3 Ethernet Ports 
  • 2 Serial Ports support 
  • Working as a WiFi Router 
  • WEP 64/128bit, WPA/WPA2-PSK TKIP, AES
  • Router and Firewall function supports 
  • Operating temperature range: -25°C ~ 80°C
  • CE, FCC, KC, RoHS certification

WiFi modules, including WizFi630S module, are suitable for data collection for remote control or measuring the temperature, wind direction and speed, precipitation, humidity, air quality etc. Their use is also significant in saving energy in smart cities - intelligent garbage management, smart lighting, dynamic traffic management, etc.

Price and availability of WiFi modules can be found online in our e-shop. For more information about Wiznet products, please contact us at sales@soselectronic.com

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