AUREL - Italy based company with over 40 years of experience, focusing on low power RF modules. AUREL products include thick film hybrid with custom design and assemblies, proprietary design radio frequency modules, avionic application modules, medical instruments and remote controls.

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Ready to use solution for secure control with Aurel modules

Secure authentification and a simple utilization are the key features of components RX-4MHCS series from company Aurel. Using the KeeLoq technology from company Microchip, they represent a complete solution for a remote control and authentification.

Remote controll receiver with a floating code.

We are pleased to introduce a high sensitivity receiver with HCS decoder embedded, the compact 4 output channels radiofrequency receiver RX-4MHCS from Aurel.

Wireless PIR motion detector with Microchip Keeloq(TM) system

New wide angle low-power coverage PIR detector mod. SIR 2008 HCS/HT12E with built-in coded RF SAW 433.92Mhz transmitter. Available also in dual band: 434.15 MHz and 868.30 MHz.

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  • company specialized on low power RF modules
  • over 40 years of experience
  • very good price/ performance ratio
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The high versatility of the thick tilm technology allows economical benefits in many different application fields like biomedical, industrial control, automotive, consumer, military and scientific research. From Aurel portfolio we offer mainly various communication RF modules, receivers, transceivers, decoders and keyfob remote controls.



in stock 50 pcs


RF Modules

Receiver AM 433,92MHz for HCS Microchip -100dBm +5V/3mA

Ord.number: 42480
Product info: S


1 pcs+ 3,5100 €

20 pcs+ 2,9600 €

100 pcs+ 2,5900 €

in stock 19 pcs

AS 433


Antenna Vertical type 433,92MHz max.50W with 2,5m Coaxial Cable

Ord.number: 50288
Product info: S


1 pcs+ 9,9900 €

5 pcs+ 9,0100 €

20 pcs+ 7,9800 €

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