Founded in 1963 in Mulfingen/ Germany, EBM-PAPST is a worldwide innovation leader in fans and motors with over 14500 different products. Top quality products set new industry standards in energy efficiency, minimum noise and long service life.

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Why Is It Smart to Buy Expensive Fans?

Because in the end, they are cheaper in the end. We´ll show you how to save money by buying more expensive fan.

Modern EC fans are able to save up to 50% of energy

Minimum noise, easy speed control and a high power, those are another reasons why to decide for GreenTech EC fans from EBM-Papst.

How do you cool in hot days?

New 200mm fans EBM-Papst will cool down your devices while not making a lot of noise.

EBM Papst - the highest quality for an acceptable price

If you´re deciding, which fan to use in your application, we have for you a good hint.

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  • world market leader in fans and motors
  • top quality products
  • almost 50 years of experience
Did you know?

EBM-Papst products find their use in ventilation technology, air-conditioning and refrigeration units, home and building, drive and rail technology, automotive industry, computers and office, heating, medicine and telecommunications. With over 10000 employees, EBM-Papst is a strong and reliable supplier of fan and motor technologies.


in stock 10 pcs


Fans DC axial

Fan Axial 119x38mm 12VDC 184m3/h Ball

Ord.number: 187527
Product info: A


1 pcs+ 26,2000 €

2 pcs+ 25,3000 €

5 pcs+ 22,9000 €

10 pcs+ 22,2000 €

in stock 5 pcs

Currently in stock 45 pcs
Reserved for customers 40 pcs
Currently available 5 pcs
If you are interested in bigger quantity that is currently available in stock, please contact our sales assistant or click on Get Quote.


Fans DC axial

Fan Axial 40x20mm 12VDC 10m3/h Ball, Tacho

Ord.number: 157274
Product info: S


1 pcs+ 15,1000 €

5 pcs+ 13,9000 €

25 pcs+ 12,2000 €

100 pcs+ 10,7000 €

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