Founded in 1974 / Germany, ELEKTRO-AUTOMATIK is a company focused on development and production of reliable power supply units and systems. Product portfolio is very wide covering almost all kinds of power supplies, DIN rail-mounted supplies, UPS´s, AC sources, chargers, programmable laboratory power supplies, electronic loads, high voltage and high current power supplies and other.

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The magic word is „Efficiency„ – at electronic loads

The EA ELR9000 family of electronic loads with energy recovery solves this problem and whats more – saves energy.

How to test a power supply or solar system?

Electronic loads, programmable and with a recovery function are the best choice for dynamic testing simulating real conditions.

Where common power supplies end, there the Elektro Automatik begins

Programmable DC, AC, current- and high-voltage power supplies, electronic loads, UPS, inverters and chargers of small and high power suitable for production and servicing - this is Elektro Automatik.

Elektro Automatik power supplies will manage even kiloWatts

Programmable DC, AC, current and high-voltage power supplies, electronic loads, UPS, inverters and chargers of low and high power - it is Elektro Automatik.

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Elektro Automatik

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  • company specialized on power supplies, with over 35 years experience
  • top quality products
  • voltage 0...32V up to 1500V DC
  • current 0...10A up to 5100A
Did you know?

Elektro Automatik produces high power DC and AC power supplies suitable for many industry segments. High power enables to supply and/or test various devices, which can´t be tested by usual power supplies. As a mid-sized company, Elektro-Automatik is a very flexible company, able to meet even special requirements of customers. With its own development and own production capacities, Elektro-Automatik ensures high quality of their products. Upon request, we are able to deliver you any product from Elektro-Automatik portfolio.



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Bench Top Power Supplies

Universal Power Supply 0-30VAC/5A, 0-30VDC/5A

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Bench Top Power Supplies

Universal Power Supply 0-30VAC/5A, 0-30VDC/5A, 0-300VAC 0,5A

Ord.number: 129210
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