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One of the top 5 manufacturers on the worldwide embedded industrial market offers a wide range of panel PCs, box PCs, single board computers and many more. SOS electronic became AAEON’s official channel partner and offers all AAEON products.
This is an archive article published 10/25/2017. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.
Long Term Availability
AAEON uses only components that are long term available, for example Intel processors with embedded options that guarantee availability minimally 7 years since launch date.

Products with extended range of working temperatures
AAEON offers selected single-board computers and a computer on a module for temperatures between -20 to 70° C (WiTAS 1) and -40 to 85° C (WiTAS 2). Panel PCs, industrial PCs and durable tablets are also available in an extended temperature range. The range depends on the particular model.

Fanless Cooling
Vast majority of AAEON products use passive fanless cooling. Advantages of fanless configuration are obvious – dust doesn’t penetrate into product which makes it more reliable. AAEON products use low power consumption processors starting with Intel Atom X5-E8000 with TDP=5W, passmark=1605 to high performance Intel Core i7-7700T with TDP=35W, (passmark=9402). This power dissipation requires good designed cooling, such as BOXER-6839.

Products Certified for In-Vehicle or Railway Application
AAEON offers E13-certified Boxer and AEV in-vehicle computers and VPC series network video recorders. BOXER-6357VS and AEV-6356 are railway EN50155 certified computers.

Product Customization
AAEON provides customization for free, however, MOQ is applied (minimum order quantity). For embedded solutions, such as single-board computers, MOQ=30-50pcs. Customization services include HW and BIOS/firmware modification of standard products. Customization is the AAEON strength. These products make up to 45% of the sales.

Single Board Computers

AAEON produces many models in 2, 5” Pico-ITX, 3, 5”, EPIC, PC104 and 5, 25” form factor.
Processor is typically soldered on board but models with processor socket are also available. Models with processor soldered on the bottom side are shipped with heat spreader that can be easily attached to chassis or heatsink. Models with processor on the component side are shipped with heatsink.

SBCs typically use SO-DIMM RAM modules. AAEON also offers models with RAM soldered on board. Such a design reduces number of mechanical contacts, which leads to higher reliability.
MSATA or M.2 SSD, CFast memory card or classical 2.5” SATA SSD can be used as an external storage. MiniPCIe and SIM slot allow using GSM or Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module combo.
Selected models provide I/O connector for extension board- BIO interface, which incorporates commonly used buses, such as PCIe[x1], USB 2.0/3.0,LPC, SMbus, Audio, DDI and power supply voltages. AAEON provides wide range extension boards for BIO interface that add I/O ports or other functionality. Customer can design their own extension board, while AAEON provides them with full support.
Nowadays, 3, 5”, 2, 5” Pico-ITX and EPIC are the most commonly used.


AAEON provides computers-on-module in COM Express, QSeven, SMARC and XTX, ETX form factors and carrier boards for development purposes. AAEON supports proprietary carrier board design by Q Service Plus, which covers schematic review, BIOS customization, and debugging / troubleshooting, mechanical and thermal suggestion.
COM Express, QSeven, SMARC modules are the most commonly used today but for the new projects, SMARC modules gradually replace QSeven modules.

Industrial Motherboards AAEON offers Nano-ITX, Mini-ITX, micro-ATX and ATX motherboards. Mini-ITX form factor is the most commonly used today. Majority of models have socket for processors and require heatsink with fan but models with low power processor soldered on board is also available. Such boards require only chassis fan in PC case or they can even work fanless.

Fanless Industrial Box PC

AAEON provides BOXER, AEC and VPC series that contain wide range of industrial box PCs with different quantity and combination of interfaces.

Let's just name a few:
• Miniature, only 30mm thick BOXER-6404 with 4 LAN, 1 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0, 2 HDMI and RS232 interface for factory automation, industrial network appliance, digital signage or robotic.
• BOXER-6639M with 3 LAN and 4 PoE LAN for machine vision.
• BOXER-6914 with 2 LAN, 2 USB3.0, 4 USB2.0, 14 RS232, 2 RS232/422/482, VGA and DVI-D interfaces for vending machines.
• VPC-5500S in-vehicle network video recorder with LAN and 4 PoE LAN for IP cameras.

Fanless Industrial Panel PC

AAEON offers modular OMNI and traditional AHP panel PC series. All models provide IP65 front panel.
OMNI series is based on modular concept. Customer can combine computing unit based on Intel Celeron 2807, J1900, 3955U or Core i5-6300U with 10,4 to 21,5” display kit with 10 point multi-touch projective capacitance or 5-wire resistive touch screen and if necessary, with additional I/O module. I/O module provides additional interfaces such as LAN, isolated or non-isolated RS232/422/485 ports, isolated CAN bus, industrial field bus based on 10/100Mbit.

Ethernet and digital I/O

AHP series is based on traditional all-in-one design. It uses Intel Atom platform combined with 7 to 17” display with 5-wire resistive touch screen.

Rugged Tablets

The most important features that distinguish ordinary tablets from the rugged ones are durability, reliability, security, connectivity, battery life & management, ease of use and support. According to VDC Research 3 years total cost of ownership (TCO) for ordinary tablet that cost 500 USD is higher than for 1000 USD rugged tablet. TCO includes tablet price, IT support cost, productivity loss, internal time to diagnose and repair, time required for redeployment etc. Results are based on survey, but it is worth thinking about it.

For further information about AAEON products, please look at our AAEON web pages or contact us at aaeon@soselectronic.com

Main features of AAEON tablets are:

  • 5.7”, 7”, 10.1” and 11.6” ARM or x86 processor based tablets
  • Minimal protection against dust and water IP65, 5.7” RTC-600A provides IP67
  • All tablets except RTC-900 have 1 internal battery and 1 hot-swappable battery or even 2 hot-swappable batteries (RTC-1200SK).
  • Tablets working temperature range between -20 to 60°C (-20 to 55°C for RTC-900)
  • All tablets are tested according to MIL-STD-810G standard
  • Wide range of accessories, such as 1D/2D barcode scanner, docking station, 3G GSM module, smart card reader, NFC/RFID reader, LAN + COM I/O module, etc.

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