Have your devices with serial interface under control through ethernet with AK-Nord interfaces

Serial to LAN or WLAN interfaces, known also as device servers are widely spread and favourite because of their ability to easily implement a device with serial port into a LAN or WLAN. New LAN and WLAN industrial DIN rail device servers AK-DinRail-XXL and AKDinRail-XXR provide this functions for devices with RS232 or RS485 interface and support all modern communication protocols and security functions.
This is an archive article published 07/28/2011. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

To have a device available in LAN brings many advantages, as we described it in an article about XT-Pico-USB interface. Any device with RS232 or RS485 is usable, e.g. industrial measuring devices, laboratory instrumentation, flow volume and pressure sensors, modems, various devices with microcontrollers and many other.

Have your devices with serial interface under control through ethernet with AK-Nord interfaces

AK-DinRail-XXL enables to connect 2 devices with serial RS232/ RS485 interface to LAN. Supports 10/100Mbit Full/Half duplex RJ45 Ethernet and all latest protocols including Ipv6 and TCPv6. Thanks to possibility to use SD card, it allows saving one´s own homepage or JAVA – Applets. AK-DinRail-XXL features many functions like: Modem Emulation, Connect-On-Data, Auto-Connect, Tunnel-Mode,DYNDNS-Client, FTP-Server, LPR-Server, 20KB Flash drive , Flash-File-System, SD- and DF-CARD, E-Mail – Client, TCP/UDP –Client, TCP/UDP –Server, SYSLOG-Client. AK-DinRail-XXL is able to work at temperatures from -40 to +70°C, consumes less than 1 watt and is enclosed in only 22,5mm thick housing.

Have your devices with serial interface under control through ethernet with AK-Nord interfaces

AK-DinRail-XXR enables to connect 2 devices with serial RS232/RS485 interface to Wireless LAN – WLAN or 10/100Mbit Ethernet. Wireless LAN includes all necessary protocols such as IEEE802.11b,g as well as IEEE802.11n (Draft 3.0) allowing simple and easy integration. All required and modern safety functions such as WEP 64/128 Bit, WPA1 and WPA2-Personal are integrated and thus offering the highest safety standard. Furthermore, it features many useful functions like ADHOC / INFRA – Modus, Fast-Roaming, AutoConnect with Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS-PBC), Hardware WEP, TKIP, AES Engine, WEP 64Bit and 128Bit up to 4 Keys, WPA1 a WPA2. Power consumption is 2.2W and specified temperature range is -10 to +65°C.

Further infromations you can find also in the AK-nord manual.

For further informations about prices and delivery terms, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Advantages / Features:

  • RS232/485 to LAN and WLAN device servers
  • DIN rail mounting
  • 10/100 Mbit ethernet
  • supports IEEE802.11b,g,n WLAN protocols
  • supports all latest LAN protocols including IPv6 and TCPv6
  • for 2 devices with serial interface RS232 or RS485
  • highest safety standard
  • SD card slot
  • single supply 7-32V

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