NanoSIM card holders in seven ways
SIM card holders are not industry standardised, and individual manufacturers' products always differ in some small but critical details for the designer.

Since there are only 6-pin versions of nanoSIM cards, each type of holder is actually only one model.
We’re listing the dimensions of the nanoSIM card just in case: 12.3 × 8.8 × 0.67 mm.

The range of ATTEND nanoSIM cardholders currently include all common ways of fixing and releasing the card in the holder:

  • Push-push
  • Tray push-push
  • Tray eject type
  • Dual card tray eject
  • Push-pull
  • Hinge type

The overview of Attend nano-SIM cardholders:

1. Push-push model 115U-A100

NanoSIM card holders in seven ways
Push the SIM card into the holder to lock the card in place. Then, push it in again to release it.

This model is suitable for cases where it is necessary to insert or remove/replace the card without opening the device. The slot in the device should be positioned and constructed so that the card can be easily pushed in, preferably with a finger. 0,9mm is sufficient. Thus, the card will return 0.9mm to the locked position when inserted.

2. Tray push-push 115U-A101

NanoSIM card holders in seven ways
Compared to the previous model, we do not insert the card itself into the holder, but first, insert it into the drawer and then insert the drawer into the holder.

In the drawer, the card is precisely positioned towards the contacts, and the slot on the device is nicely covered and flush with the device cover.

The drawer 115U-T001 is ordered separately.

3. Tray Eject type 115S-ACA0

NanoSIM card holders in seven ways
This model is equipped with a card release mechanism. A miniature button must be pushed, and an office paper clip will serve very well here.

Also, this model is designed for devices that do not open when inserting/removing the SIM card. Here too, the drawer closes the slot in the device. Up to three different drawers are available.

One is 115S-ACA1, which can additionally be adapted to a waterproof version, and two others come with different design depths - 115S-ACA2 and ACA3. The different lengths are for cases where, for design reasons, the holder needs to be in different depths of the device structure. The solution of these two holders is undoubtedly familiar to you from some mobile phone models.

The drawer has a tiny hole on the edge of the front side for a tool to push a button (e.g. the clip mentioned above). These drawers are stainless steel. Since everyone chooses what they need, logically, the drawers are bought separately.

4. Dual card tray eject 115S-BS00

NanoSIM card holders in seven ways
This model differs from the previous type only in the width of the drawer because it is designed for two SIM cards that are placed side by side.

Here, too, the drawer 115S-BT00 is bought separately.

5. Push-pull model 115U-A000

NanoSIM card holders in seven ways
As the name implies, insert the card first and then pull it out when you need to remove it - no mechanism helps.

This model is usually used in a device that can be opened when inserting/removing the SIM card, and the holder can therefore be placed anywhere on the PCB. Obviously, in a way that we can insert the card, which is 12mm long, into the holder hole. Thus, the insertion slot is not blocked by other components.

6. Hinge type 115V-AD00

NanoSIM card holders in seven ways
This solution is designed for demanding industrial applications. The operating temperature range is from - 40°C up to +105°C.

This model has a metal cover on hinges (door), which also locks against accidental release.

The socket has passed rigorous shock and vibration tests. During development, the emphasis was placed on durability and resistance and is therefore also suitable for use in moving vehicles.

7. Since there are also seven wonders of the world, we also have a seventh bonus model of nanoSIM sockets that you won't even find on the manufacturer's website. But we keep it as a stock type.

NanoSIM card holders in seven ways

Officially, it has the "Coming Soon" status. It is a lightweight, simple (open) Push-pull model NSIM002-A.

SIM cardholders are not industry standardised, and thus each manufacturer's products always differ in some small but critical detail for the designer.

Therefore, it is essential to choose a solution that will be functional reliable, especially during these allocation times, also available. We are sure that the solutions from the manufacturer ATTEND meet this, and our long-term collaboration will guarantee you a good night's sleep and job satisfaction.

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