In electronics, majority of cooling tasks can be excellently performed by axial fans. But in cases when, for example, the cooling airflow has to be deflected at an angle of 90°, or if even greater pressure increase is necessary, centrifugal fans are more effective.

If it is your case, we definitely recommend you Radical series from manufacturer EBM-PAPST. We have extended the stock offer to the popular K3G190-RC05-03 from the RADICAL series. We have chosen a model with support basket because of easier fastening and positioning within the machine.

For RADICAL, the impeller styling has been optimized using complex simulation models adjusted to perfection by checking against prototypes.

The result is an optimal, low-loss flow of air through the impeller and so there are no drastic cross-sectional changes anymore - a well-known source of losses in the impeller. A uniform flow profile without separations also means fewer noise sources and thus better acoustics. This has been combined with the new GreenTech EC high-efficiency engine, resulting in a compact fan with significantly lower noise and half-power consumption compared to standard AC motors.
Moreover, up to 250mm, models have the same structural grip - trouble-free replacement.

The new motor in GreenTech EC technology with integrated control electronics is designed in such as way as to make the RadiCal fans in sizes 190 up to 250mm to have the same mounting dimensions.

In addition, thespecified EC centrifugal fan achieves significantly higher air performance than the AC variant with identical dimensions. The small GreenTech EC fans are available in two different control configurations: one with two fixed speed stages and the other one with the familiar continuous control option via combined 0-10V/PWM control input.

If you are interested in other models of Radical Series, or in other series of centrifugal fans e.g. RadiPac, Radifit or even in any other fan from EBM-Papst, please contact us at