EA OLEDL128 – OLED alternative to EA DOG displays

Bestsellers in the field of graphic and character LCD displays – EA DOG display series already have a new family member in the OLED technology.
This is an archive article published 11/02/2017. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

Are you considering using a graphic display in the OLED technology instead of LCD? We offer you a solution in the form of the OLEDL128-6GGA, display, which is mechanically compatible with EA DOGL series.

SEA DOG series of (LCD) displays already earned a lot of fans, mainly for reasons which we have already mentioned in several articles. Long term availability, slim design, minimum inactive area and easy mounting only by soldering pins into PCB, make the EA DOG series still very attractive.

An alternative in a form of an OLED display brings other benefits known from the OLED technology, mainly:
- great contrast of approx. 2000:1
- extreme viewing angles on the border of physics laws
- reliable operation and fast response (ms) even in frosts

You might say that you would rather have a full colour (RGB) OLED display in your industrial application. The market situation shows that small full-colour RGB AMOLED displays usable for industry and with a guaranteed availability are practically unavailable.
In other words – so far, only the biggest global producers of smartphones and TV sets producing in huge series have RGB OLEDs for their own usage. But that´s not a big limitation, as in industry a good readability is usually essential and that´s the field in which monochrome OLED display excel (PMOLED – passive matrix).

Good news is that even smaller versions of OLED alternatives for LCD EA DOGL and EA DOGM should be available pretty soon.

Displaying of the new OLED EA OLEDL128-6GGA can be tested using the EA USB9781 testing board and the OLED simulator software (free).

In case of interest, please contact us at sales@soselectronic.com

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