Protect health of people by Figaro sensors

Gases like hydrogen sulfide and ammonia are dangerous gases, which however can be easily detected.
This is an archive article published 03/20/2012. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

Hydrogen sulfide and ammonia are relatively common gases arising at an organic material decay, in sewage conduits, poultry farms, and in a technological process of many industrial segments. Despite of the fact, that both gases are irritative and feature a pungent smell, intoxications by these gases aren´t rare. Risk is also increased by a fact, that already after a short exposition to these gases, they subjectively appear to be much less concentrated.

For a production of devices detecting these gases are suitable Figaro sensors TGS8xx series. TGS825 is sensitive to hydrogen sulfide already from 5 ppm concentration. TGS826 is sensitive to ammonia, as well as ethanol, iso-butane and hydrogen. TGS826 is able to detect ammonia already from 30 ppm concentration, that´s why it is suitable for all critical safety-related applications in refrigeration systems and in agriculture. Both sensors use SnO2 based semiconductor sensors featuring high sensitivity and a long lifetime. Sensors are made on a ceramic base resistant to severe environment.

Protect health of people by Figaro sensors

Usage of both sensors is further facilitated by the SR-2 socket. SR-2 is usable for all Figaro sensors TGS8xx series and it enables a troublefree exchange without a necessity of relatively demanding desoldering from a PCB.

Figaro sensors feature a long lifetime, high sensitivity and selectivity to target gases. Despite a long lifetime, in an environment with a high dust nuisance or an aggressive environment, it can be necessary to exchange a sensor after some time. This is also the case of applications where highest reliability and accuracy is required. An easy sensor exchange is also welcome at development or at the change of a sensor type. SR-2 socket, with an over 1000 MOhm insulation resistance and 700V AC insulation strength, is suitable for all applications. Producer also guarantees lifetime of at least 150 insertion cycles (exchanges of a sensor).

Detailed information will provide you the TGS825, TGS826 and SR-2.
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Advantages/ Features:

  • high sensitivity to target gases
  • long lifetime
  • resistant to severe environment

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