Finder is one of the few manufacturers who are manufacturing most of the relays in Europe. And so you can be sure that your relay did not have to travel a long time and in difficult climatic conditions, which definitely would not do any good.

The 41 series relay is one of the most common power relays on the market. It is produced by almost every manufacturer and it is popular because it has compact standardized dimensions and reasonable performance. Thanks to the standardized dimensions, the sockets are then also available, both for PCB and DIN rail.

In series 41, relays with 1 changeover contact for 12Amp (41.31) and 16Amp (41.61 with different terminal layout) and relays with 2 changeover contacts 2x8Amp (41.52) are available.
So far, the most popular is the relay for 16Amp type 41.61.

Unlike most Asian relay manufacturers, Finder is significantly more responsive and flexible. They do not require high MOQs even for less common coil voltages, we can even provide non-stock types relatively quickly and often from 1 piece. Try us.

If you are interested in other information about Finder products, please do not hesitate to contact us at, we are glad to help you.