Finder relays for railway applications
We chose one series of interesting relays that are authorised to be used in railway applications, 56T.
Finder has been manufacturing electro-mechanical relays since 1954, and over the years, they gained great experience and can offer suitable relays for almost every application within the railway industry.

Typical applications for the 56T series can be found in the following areas:

  • Pantograph management
  • Bogie monitoring
  • Internal light management 
  • Mobile device charging

And what makes a relay the “railway relay”?

Finder relays and components used in the railway sector are subject to stricter technical standards, such as the need for wider operational ranges, higher resistance to shock and vibration, operation at higher temperatures and humidity and, above all, greater fire resistance.

In Europe, relays must meet the requirements of three European standards:

  • EN 45545-2 +A1:2016 (protection against fire of materials) 
  • EN 61373 (resistance against random vibrations and shock, Category 1, Class B) 
  • EN 50155 (resistance to temperature and humidity, TX class)

Find the Finder relay,, from the 56T series, in our stock range. For more information and more Finder products, please visit our website.

If your application is placed in another part of the train, Finder certainly has a solution for you, too. The areas of application of Finder relays are exterior light control, driver's control console, air conditioning, door control, and ancillary equipment.

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