Fluke TiS 45 - Flexible Manual Focus? Sure thing!

High-quality, sharp thermoshots from the TiS and at a reasonable price. Ideal compromise.
This is an archive article published 11/28/2017. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

The Fluke TiS 45 is nothing new on the market but this very successful product is appreciated even after several months or years.

Many of you are still looking for an ideal way to measure the temperature distribution of your application. In order to select the thermal camera correctly, you need to think carefully about the measured application. An important factor and parameter is the temperature range for the given application and the resolution of the capture chip.

The difference is in the measurement of heating or distribution of heat in the home or the measurement of PCBs with SMD components. For both applications, we can move around the temperature range in a very similar range, for example: from 0°C to 100°C, but the difference occurs in the resolution. For the above-mentioned heat distribution, a resolution of 80x60pix. is sufficient and for a PCB measurement, a resolution of 160x120pix. or more is sufficient. 80x60 pixels thermal imagers usually have a fixed focus that moves around to a value of 45cm; in order to get the image correctly and of high quality, we have to stick to this value. If you measure from short distance, you will see the shifting of the image on the thermal camera and you will have an insufficient result.

Fluke TiS45 can handle all your tasks for your satisfaction

Combination of 160x120pix. with Fluke TiS45 manual focus can meet your PCB concepts. By focusing manually, you can adjust the focus to 15cm, which is necessary for measuring on smaller objects so that the result of the image is good and can be further processed in SmartView for complete analysis. Fluke TiS45 can be found in our standard stock option.

On request, we can deliver any other accessories in a short time.

If you are interested in FLUKE items even in non-stock items, please contact us at sales@soselectronic.com

The Fluke TiS 45 offers:

  • Temperature range: -20 + 350°C
  • Resolution: 120x160pixels.
  • Accuracy: 2% or + 2°C
  • Standard pallets: 7
  • Software: SmartView® software for complete analysis
  • Protection: IP54


Introducing 8 new IR cameras with up to 2.5x the resolution to quickly assess equipment health. To learn more, go to www.fluke.com/TiS to download the product guide.

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