It is often necessary to measure in the distribution box but at the same time have the freedom to move, for example to access control elements. The FLUKE 233 multimeter with removable display and wireless transmission is designed for these situations.

FLUKE measuring instruments are considered to be one of the best and can be found almost anywhere. Be it simple testers, for example in household or complex laboratory equipment. Professionals who rely on high-quality and accurate equipment for everyday machine and equipment repairs also appreciate their features.

The Fluke 233 multimeter belongs to such devices. At first glance, it is a common measuring instrument, but when you look better, you will find a removable display, which is its greatest advantage. This display is connected to the base wirelessly up to a distance of 10m (can be even further in practice under favourable conditions). This allows you to keep it at your fingertips so you can track the measured quantity without having to be at the point of measurement. This can be useful when repairing larger machines, for example, when you need to perform operation during the measurement, but the controls are in a different location. Probably, every technician has certainly come across the situation in which such a device would be appreciated.

The removable display also includes several useful buttons. A very commonly used function is to freeze the current display value, which you can activate with the HOLD button. You can then use the buttons to display the maximum, minimum or average measured value, set the measuring range and, last but not least, to turn on the display backlight, which you will certainly appreciate in poor visibility.

Another important feature of this device is True-RMS support. Thanks to this function, you measure the actual effective value regardless of the shape of the measured quantity. This is ideal when measuring currents or voltages on motors controlled by frequency converters where conventional multimeter without this function would measure significantly distorted. This is, of course, only one example of use. True-rms support results in accurate measurements on all non-sinusoidal signals.

Of course, the instrument has AC/DC voltage, resistance, capacitance, temperature (via sensor supplied), frequency, AC/DC current, diode test and continuity test. The measured values ​​are selected by the rotary selector similarly as at any other multimeter, with the possibility of turning on either automatic or manual range adjustment. The manual range setting is suitable for convenient reading of the value because the ranges are not switched until the value is stable. This can eliminate erroneous reading of the measured value and at the same time, speed up the measurements.

As for mechanical design, as is customary in this brand, it is robust, so you don't have to worry about minor accidents, such as falling from a table. In addition, thanks to the rubberized surface it holds well and does not tend to slip.
 For a variety of measurements, you will also appreciate a large number of optional accessories, such as the ToolPak magnetic hinges and many different measuring tips and clamps.

The display and the base are both powered by AA batteries. The display is equipped with two pieces and the base with three pieces of these batteries. In addition, unlike other battery replacement devices, you do not have to disassemble this multimeter, so you don´t need a screwdriver that is never handy when you need it.

Finally, we can recommend FLUKE 233 to all of you who are looking for a high-quality measuring device with simple and clear control.

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