Meet Geehy Semiconductor. Revolutionary Company in the Field of Semiconductors
Basic information about Geehy Semiconductor

Geehy’s parent company is Ninestar Corporation - a Chinese company based in Yunnan Province. The company has more than 20 years of experience and an excellent reputation worldwide for its ability to design and manufacture cutting-edge electronic solutions for a variety of industries, including automotive, IoT, healthcare, artificial intelligence, computing, renewable energy and more. 

Geehy is well-known mainly for manufacturing microcontrollers (MCUs) that are used in various applications, from consumer electronics to complex industrial systems. 

Application field of the company 

Although the company primarily focuses on providing high-quality and reliable IC solutions, it also invests in research and development in order to be able to provide innovative and high-quality solutions for customers. It also focuses on improving its production processes, thanks to which it can offer competitive prices.

When it comes to IC circuits the company designs various types including ASIC, SoC and other specialized solutions. They can also be proud of their high level of expertise in the field of circuit design or optimization of their performance and reliability. This enables them to design solutions for increasingly demanding applications.

Did you know that…

… Geehy Semiconductor complies with all its commitments to sustainability and environmental responsibility? Its goal is to minimize the impact on nature and at the same time improve its own production processes and products so that they become more ecological.

In addition, Geehy Semiconductor also provides high-quality services regarding the testing and verification of technological solutions. The company has its own laboratories and testing facilities, thanks to which it can quickly and efficiently test and verify all its proposed solutions before they are launched on the market.

Wide offer of MCU

MCUs by Geehy are used in a variety of applications, from consumer electronic devices to large industrial systems. You can choose, for example:

  • MCUs with various architectures – including ARM Cortex-M0, Cortex-M3, Cortex-M4 and RISC-V. They are suitable for a wide range of applications. 
  • MCU with various features - high performance, low power consumption, high accuracy, and reliability. 
  • MCUs with a variety of interfaces – including UART, SPI, I2C and USB that allow communication with other devices and networks.
  • MCUs with different packages and temperature ranges - You can use Geehy MCUs in various environments and applications.
  • MCU with support for various programming languages – C, C++, Python, JavaScript… This allows programmers to use the language that is best for their application.


Meet Geehy Semiconductor. Revolutionary Company in the Field of Semiconductors
What more does the company offer its customers?

Geehy also offers customers other products and services in the field of information technology and software solutions. Some of the most important are: 

  • Cloud Computing – cloud services that include virtual servers, cloud storage, cloud databases and cloud management.
  • Big Data – software solutions for processing and analysing large volumes of data, as well as consulting and implementation services in this sphere.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) – IoT services that include IoT platforms and IoT solutions for industrial and business use.
  • Business software – for example, CRM systems, ERP systems, project management software and customer management software.
  • Software development – software development services and consulting services for software projects.
  • Security solutions – include security software, security monitoring and security consulting services.
  • Digital transformation services – include consultations, implementations, and project management in the field of digital transformation.
  • Tools and source codes for programmers - information about their MCUs, datasheets, technical manuals and the like.

Geehy Semiconductor is a reliable partner for the future 

Geehy Semiconductor is focused on long-term partnerships with its customers. It strives to provide solutions that meet customer needs while being flexible and adaptable to market changes. Thanks to this approach, the company has gained many loyal customers and has become one of the leading players in the IC solutions market.

We are pleased that as an official distributor of Geehy Semiconductor, we can bring you innovative solutions for your applications and also other benefits such as affordable prices and deadlines, customer support and tailor-made solutions. 

Choose from the offer of Geehy Semiconductor’s microcontrollers and development tools that you can find in our product portfolio. We will, of course, gradually expand our product offer with the latest series of microcontrollers that will be launched to the market. More articles about Geehy Semiconductor products are coming soon on our website. 

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