Generational Replacement of Hirschmann Valve Connectors

Belden/Hirschmann has announced a generational replacement of the square valve connectors in the GDM series. The advantages of the new generation, as well as the EOL dates, are detailed in this article. (reading for 3 minutes)


New generation of Hirschmann GDM series of square connectors 

The manufacturer Belden/Hirschmann recently announced their plans to discontinue (EOL – End of Life) selected Hirschmann valve connectors

After a thorough review of their existing portfolio, they decided to replace selected classic GDM Legacy products with a newer solution featuring advanced functions and benefits. This move aims to manage the product portfolio more efficiently and offer better services, quality, and product delivery. 

EOL details of GDM series:

  • Discontinuation Number: GDM_Legacy_18012024
  • Reason for EOL: Product redesign with direct replacements.
  • Last Time Buy: August 2, 2024
  • Last Shipment: December 31, 2024

As part of this initiative, Belden will also update the online catalogue to ensure that all replacement products are visible online and include all necessary information to assist in internal qualification processes. 

Additionally, a comparison feature will be made available to compare products and verify compatibility. Samples for testing are available upon request. All orders placed after the last purchase date will be automatically replaced with the new product.

The new generation of valve connectors of the GDM series includes several modifications. The manufacturer has published the following changes in their announcement: 



"From my perspective, the current connector was excellent, widely used, and without significant shortcomings. I consider the recent changes to be more of a generational update with a set of minor adjustments. For example, the protrusion on the connector body is a nice improvement for easier unplugging. The more robust surge protection on versions that include it can be useful, and the double press-fit technology used for the contacts between the PCB and the connector body is also noteworthy. The images also show that the manufacturer has modified and standardized the design of the outer body of this series of connectors," says František Ďuríšek, product specialist at SOS electronic. 

Both generations of GDM series valve connectors are currently available in the SOS electronic range. Choose from our selection, whether you have ongoing projects or are working on entirely new ones.

Valve connector for 400 V – GDME heavy-duty

We've selected an interesting product from our range of valve connectors. It is a more robust, heavy-duty version of valve connectors suitable for up to 400 V, for example for 3-phase motors.

The square industrial connector GDME 3011 Black is also suitable for thicker cables with a diameter of Ø 4.5 – 11 mm. It features a transparent and removable top cover and has an IP65 rating. 

GDME 3011 black
GDME 3011 black
Rectangular Industrial Connectors
Rectangular Industry Connector F 3P+PE, IP65
Ord.number: 69539
1 pcs+
6,56 €
2 pcs+
6,09 €
10 pcs+
5,58 €
60 pcs+
5,02 €
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Ord.number: 69539

in stock 50 pcs

GDME 3011 black

Rectangular Industrial Connectors

Rectangular Industry Connector F 3P+PE, IP65

1 pcs+ 6,56 €

2 pcs+ 6,09 €

10 pcs+ 5,58 €

60 pcs+ 5,02 €

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GDM3109-A0U-10F (934888105) HIRSCHMANN

Ord.number: 409895

in stock 200 pcs

GDM3109-A0U-10F (934888105)

Rectangular Industrial Connectors

Rectangular Industry Connector Type A, F 3+PE, PG9, Black

1 pcs+ 1,99 €

2 pcs+ 1,55 €

10 pcs+ 1,38 €

50 pcs+ 1,26 €

250 pcs+ 1,17 €

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