The Hirschmann M12 circular connectors are especially useful in automation applications that involve sensors and actuators. Actuators are used in controlling the moving parts of a system.

The fail-safety for these connectors is excellent. Hirschmann M12 connectors are offered in straight and right-angle versions, featuring PG7 or PG9 cable entry with 4 or 5 pin configurations. Both male and female M12 plugs and sockets are available. As well as the other M12 connectors, these plugs and sockets are characterized by their M12 mating thread.

The Hirschmann M12 connectors, also known as E-Series connectors, have a polyamide housing with brass contacts. Polyamide is made to be durable so that it can stand up to the stresses of industrial use. Strain relief is typically achieved through a clamping cage. The PG7 sizes accommodate 4 to 6 mm cable, while the PG9 cable entries can fit 6 to 8 mm cable.

And to ensure a particularly long life, Hirschmann circular connectors are protected against dust and moisture and are resistant to many oils and chemical substances. The ergonomic design of E-series makes handling more comfortable and fast. As a result, the connection of sensor and actuator technology in automation systems, for example in automatic installation units and machine tools, can be done quickly and promptly. 

The design prevents the accidental unscrewing of the coupling nut. This provides an additional advantage in terms of safety in all fields of application that are subject to high vibration loads, for example, in conveyor belt equipment and automatic punch presses.

The most popular types of power series connectors M12 are available directly from our stock, but all other Hirschmann connectors are available on request including connector assemblies with different cable lengths.

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