IQRF module TR72D communicates at up to 600m distance

Higher RF power, GMSK modulation and extra low power consumption make a new communication module interesting even for rough conditions.
This is an archive article published 04/02/2015. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

At cars, chip-tuning usually results in a higher power of a motor. Even the new communication module (transceiver) TR72D from IQRF has passed such „chip-tuning“ of RF portion, resulting in a higher max. RF output (up to 12mW). New RF chip - Spirit1, used at TR72D also provides excellent sensitivity and GMSK modulation (Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying) with high resistance to interference. That´s why the new module is able to transfer data at much higher distance than previous types (up to 600m on a free space). This improvement has one limitation - the new module is usable with applications originally developed for previous types, but it´s not usable in one RF network simultaneously with older types (because of a different modulation).

Basically the new module TR72D offers the same straightforward development of devices with a wireless communication as previous modules. The best idea about differences among particular types will give you the attached table. TR72D is a hot novelty from which we have first engineering samples. Version „DAx“ also contains built-in antenna.

Features of IQRF technology, description of the development environment and other features can be found in a record of our webinar Wireless MESH networks without programming.
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Advantages / Features:

  • powerful RF transceiver for a wireless communication
  • GMSK modulation
  • built-in proprietary OS
  • open functionality, application in a C language
  • max RF output up to 12.5 mW
  • range in hundreds of meters (up to 600m on a free space)
  • extra low power consumption
  • 6 I/O pins
  • supports MESH networks, IQMESH implemented in OS

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On which frequencies is the TR72D module able to communicate?

The correct answer was: 868/916 MHz
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Pavol Majzel [SK]
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