Rocker switches from the 1935 series are originally designed for switching the standard mains voltage 230Vac and their distinguishing feature is a rubber sealing flange, which provides IP65 protection from the actuator side.

The model 1935.3135 is capable of switching 400Vac and is therefore intended for devices that are supplied with Line voltage (Class II). (FYI: Voltage between phase and neutral = Phase voltage. The voltage between two phases = Line voltage.) Typical devices are welders or heaters.

The switch is illuminated by a neon lamp, which is logically also designed for 400Vac, the colour of the actuator is green and its two positions are marked with “0” and “I”.

Features / Advantages

  • Double-pole rocker switch, DPST
  • Ratings: 10(8)A / 400Vac 5E4 20(4)A / 250Vac 1E4
  • Terminals - 4 x Faston 6,3x0,8mm
  • Body colour: black, Actuator colour green transparent -
  • Backlight: neon lamp 400Vac
  • Mounting hole: 30x22mm
  • Ambient temperature: Actuator side -30°C to +55°C Terminal side -30°C to +105°C
  • Protection Class Actuator side IP65 Terminal side IP40

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