Save development costs of enclosure for your USB devices

USB enclosures of a top quality enable to avoid development of your own enclosure, thus to shorten a product to market time. New Age Enclosures produces plastic enclosures meeting the most stringent criteria.
This is an archive article published 06/27/2011. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

New Age Enclosures is a leader in production of various plastic enclosures and housings for electronics and produces according to stringent aerospace stamdard AS9100B. All enclosures are designed for optimal available space usage and reliable fixing of PCB. To enclosures it is possible to buy separate A-USB connector covers. Producer offers customized enclosures printing and CNC cutouts of various openings for LEDs, connectors, ports, antennas and switches.
In our offer we have more types of enclosures from New Age Enclosures. We would like to introduce to you 2 new models, suitable for devices with connectors Type A USB and micro USB:

Save development costs of enclosure for your USB devices

● model P3A-140703U is only 7,6 mm high and 35,6 mm long enclosure designed primarily for a small portable USB devices. It is available in 2 variants – with opening for a connector micro USB or Type A USB.

Save development costs of enclosure for your USB devices

● model P3A-220705U is a somewhat bigger 12,7 mm high and 55,9 mm long enclosure, delivered without or with an opening for a Type A USB. To this model it is possible to buy a reset button suitable for wireless devices and similar.

Available are datsheets with 3D views P-140703 and P-220705 and on a New Age Enclosures website also CAM models of both types are available.

For further information about prices and delivery terms, or in case of interest about samples, please contact us at

Features / Advantages:

  • development simplification and shortening of product to market time
  • made from ABS 94HB conforming RoHS
  • designed for a maximal inner space utilization
  • simple finalization without screws
  • customized CNC cutouts and printing
  • detailed documentation including a recommended PCB shape
  • CAM models available

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