3 Ethernet Failures That Could Be Prevented by Bonded-Pair Cable
For more than 100 years, Belden has been not only a leader in design and manufacturing of cables, but also a solution provider for signal transmission with a complete portfolio of not only cables, but also connection products and network products.

Bonded-pair technology is one of the many innovations that our long-term supplier and partner - Belden - has brought to market during its operation. This is a further improvement of the original patent for twisted-pair cables, in which the cables keep their constant properties for a long time ("installabel performance ™").

Sylvie Feng, a senior manager of solution consultants at Belden, who has been actively involved in the development, manufacturing, testing, and introducing the products into real applications in practice for more than a decade, described the three most common causes of Ethernet failure in her article. These include motion, force, and noise (EMI or RFI), which can be prevented by the Belden bonded-pair cable.

In addition, she also explains why we should pay attention to the good physical resistance of the cables and what the benefits of the Belden bonded-pair cable technology in the Ethernet connection bring.

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