What is special about WET.PROTECT:
The innovative in WET.PROTECT e ∙ basic is unique on the market: protection against moisture by infiltration instead of emulsion. WET.PROTECT includes various additives which goes below the density of water. WET.PROTECT can infiltrate the water and produce the wanted protective effect. Due to the enormous amount of its strength of 208 KV / cm WP can suppress any form of leakage currents. WET.PROTECT receives the conductivity. WET.PROTECT can be used preventively or immediately after exposure to moisture for repair.
WET.PROTECT e · basic protects electrical components and equipment, exterior lighting, for example, electric garden equipment, lighting, sockets, cables and connectors, construction sites, but also metal, gear drives, metal joints and rail, etc.

If you would like to learn more about WET.PROTECT, please contact us. The first ten will receive a box WET.PROTECT e · basic (50 ml) free for testing.