SBC-A62-J, the low cost SBC for industrial use

Building on the UDOO success, SECO has developed the SBC-A62-J series of industrial SBC which shares some features with UDOO, adds new ones and guarantees long term availability. Series also includes versions for working ambient temperature range -40 to 85°C.
This is an archive article published 05/09/2017. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.
SBC-A62-J series comes with Solo, Lite, Plus or Quad configuration which corresponds to i.MX6 Solo, DualLite, DualPlus and Quad application processors. Board provides adequate RAM capacity, which can be extended up to 2GB. Board can boot from internal 4GB eMMC or microSD memory card but root file system (everything except /boot) can be placed on external SATA SSD. eMMC can be extended up to 16GB. Boards with extended RAM and eMMC are on request, MOQ will apply.

Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity is provided by Ralink RT5370, which is based add-on module KIT-WIFI-3M08-2. SBC-A62-J provides LVDS output, which can be configured as 18/24-bit single channel, dual channel or two identical or independent single channel. Board doesn’t contain touch panel controller, TFT panel has to have its own one with I2C interface. We offer SECO KIT-7INCH-SA62, 7-inch 840x480 TFT panel with capacitive touch panel to support development. It uses Sitronix ST1332TP controller.

SBC-62-J doesn’t use Arduino compatible female headers and Atmel SAM3x8E microcontroller used in UDOO board, it uses 32-pin dual row male header. All interfaces are now provided by i.MX6 processor. Boards use RS232, RS485 or TTL UART levels on UART1, 4 and 5. Please, check UART interfaces configuration in the user manual.

The fastest way to start exploring SBC-62-J is using script, which creates bootable micro SD card with minimalistic Debian Linux based distribution. You can find step by step procedure on the SECO Wiki. Other software can be installed by standard way through APT (Advanced Package Tool). Other option is to use community supported binary images.

SECO provided distribution contains customized version of U-Boot bootloader, which provides useful configuration utility seco_config. For the use of seco_config, it is necessary to pause boot process.

Connect SBC-A62-J debug UART to PC using SECOSBC-A62 UART Cable, which uses FTDI 230XQ USB/UART converter. Windows operating systems automatically recognize it and install driver for it. Linux driver is included in kernel since version 3.0.0-19.

Run your favorite terminal emulator on PC and set it to 115200, 8N1 on virtual serial port created by operating system. After reset, U-Boot will wait bootdelay number of seconds (3s by default) before it boots. During this time, booting can be interrupted by pressing any key.

For further information about SBC-A62-J, please look at our web pages or contact us at


  • i.MX6 Solo, DualLite, DualPlus or Quad running at 1GHz with 512MB to 2GB RAM
  • Onboard 4GB eMMC
  • SATA 2.0 interface (Plus and Quad configuration)
  • Boot from eMMC or microSD memory card
  • Working ambient temperature range 0 to 60° or -40 to 85°C
  • Android and Linux community versions and SECO Linux for free. SECO Android, Windows Embedded Compact 7 on request.

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Accessories for Embedded Systems

WiFi Module IEEE 802.11 b/g/n for SBC-A62-J

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TFT Display 7" 800x480 Kit for SBC-A62-J CTP

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