Supercapacitors instead of batteries?

Double layer electrolytic capacitors already enable to replace backup batteries in many applications.
This is an archive article published 03/01/2012. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

Modern high-capacity double layer capacitors (also known as supercapacitors) feature a very high energy/volume ratio, compared to usual electrolytic capacitors. Their capacity is so high, that they are able to replace backup batteries in many designs. On the market there are available miniature types as well as physically big types with capacities of tens to hundreds of Farads.

One of the biggest advantages of capacitors in comparison to batteries is their long lifetime, because their electrodes don´t undergo degradation neither after many thousands of cycles. On the other side, even modern batteries have a limited lifetime and a limited number of cycles, because energy storage in batteries is related to chemical changes of electrodes during charge/discharge (change from a solid to a liquid form, crystallization,…), what causes degradation of electrodes.

In our offer, you can find small “coin-type” double layer capacitors suitable for backup power supply of memories. For example a capacitor with a 1F (1000mF=1 000 000 uF) capacity charged at 5V can store energy of 12.5 Jouls (E=1/2*C*U2), what is 12.5 Wattseconds. This energy is in most cases sufficient to ensure a safe backup of memories at a voltage dropout. Such energy is also sufficient for a short time power supply of low power devices. This can be very useful for example for a safe write of data to EEPROM and a safe switch off of a device.

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Advantages / Features:

  • capacitors able to replace a backup batteries
  • high reliability
  • much longer lifetime, compared to batteries

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