Teach your devices to speak with VS1000 audio module

VS10000 audio module is a simple solution how to add audio output to your device, at a low cost. Thanks to a high quality stereo sound with SNR>90dB it can be used even in applications demanding for a sound quality. License-free OggVorbis decoder enables to freely change audio content without any other fees.
This is an archive article published 07/25/2011. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

A decision how to add an audio interface to a device, is usually a question of complexity, development costs and direct costs for production. From more ways how to reach it, VS1000 audio module offers a smart way to add this functionality at a low cost. It can be used as a “plug-in” audio board in electronic systems or as a standalone small audio player.

VS1000 audio module plays audio from internal SPI Flash or from micro-SD card (or both). Micro-SD card can serve for firmware update, copying audio content into internal Flash or as a high capacity memory for audio content. Up to 20 minutes play time from internal 16 Mbit Flash, can be extended to several days by using micro-SD card. A real CD audio quality can be reached, with SNR>90 dB, crosstalk 75 dB and a flat frequency response from 20 to 20 000 Hz. Outputs are line and for headphones. Line outputs have the first order RC low-pass filter that removes some of the DA converter quantization noise at high frequencies.

Control of module is very simple, via USB, UART or IO pins. VS1000 comes from production with a default firmware, ready to use. High performance license-free Ogg Vorbis decoder supports variable bit rates and various sample rates. Single power supply 3.4 to 6V and low power consumption make the VS1000 suitable also for portable devices. Typical power consumption in play mode is 120 mW. The module also contains a VCC voltage monitor, which causes interrupt when it is activated. Using voltage monitor, it is possible to shut down the system by the firmware before voltage level causes functionality error.

Pin headers of the PCB are compatible with DIL32 footprint enabling to use standard DIL32 ZIF sockets or solder the module by using DIL32 footprint. VS1000 audio module datasheet contains also application examples, incl. standalone button-controlled player.

In case of interest, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Typical applications:

  • audio interface for industrial machines
  • elevators
  • ticket machines, vending machines
  • car and PC accessories
  • alarm systems and security devices
  • fire alarms
  • speaking toys
  • doorbells

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