Even the Vodafone confirmed quality and reliability of Quectel M95 GSM module

Moreover with the new firmware it´s also possible to funcions eCall or QuecLocator.
This is an archive article published 08/09/2013. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

What can be better than a real confirmation of properties in praxis? Top-featured GSM module M95 gains such „confirmations“ from you - our customers and recently it even gain a certificate from company Vodafone.

But M95 is associated with another good news. M95 when used with an appropriate firmnware, supports functions QuecLocator and also eCall.
QuecLocator is a new function developed and operated by company Quectel, able to gain an approximate position of the GSM module from the GSM signal (availability of stations in ambient). The functions needs for its operation an activated GPRS mode and after sending a given AT command, it sends to data to a Quectel server (approx. 200B) and then it will receive a result of operation (approx. 200B). Guide accuracy of a real-life test is displayed in the QuecLocator function description. QuecLocator is particularly suitable in urban and industrial conditions, where a GNSS signal can be week (shaded by buildings) or jammed. At such conditions is the accuracy of a few 100m a very good result. Further information can be found in the QuecLocator application note.

eCall is a initiative intended to bring rapid assistance to motorists involved in a collision anywhere in the European Union - by calling the 112 emergency line. In such case, it sends to a center a position info about usage of airbag as well as data from an impact sensor (deceleration - crash intensity).

It can be said, that M95 can be now used with four versions of firmware:
1 = mass production version of FW. Despite the fact, there is already a newer FW available (A21), this version is widely used and well-proven by many customers, that´s why Quectel is still producing modules with this FW.

2= the latest FW, also used at production. This FW is recommended to all new applications.

3= the latest FW with the “QuecLocator” support.

4= new version with the eCall/Era-Glonass, DSSS support

You can ask for each firmware at our sales representatives together with release notes with a detailed description of changes.

In case of interest in any modules from company Quectel, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Even the Vodafone confirmed quality and reliability of Quectel M95 GSM module

Even the Vodafone confirmed quality and reliability of Quectel M95 GSM module
Even the Vodafone confirmed quality and reliability of Quectel M95 GSM module

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Competition with the following question has been published here:

What´s the principple of operation of the QuecLocator function?

The correct answer was: Position of BTS (availability of GSM signal).
We have drawn the following winners:
Svatoslav Bednář [CZ]
Congratulations to winners. We´ll inform them by e-mail.

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