Schurter TA45, One Switch with Thermal Breaker, 2900 variants

TA45 switch combined with thermal breaker in one housing not only saves place in your equipment, it offers much more.
This is an archive article published 09/12/2017. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

On the first sight TA45 looks like a classic pushbutton or rocker switch. The switch turns on by pressing green button or switching cradle.

There are more options to turn it off:
• Manually – all versions.
• at overload, thermal protection – all versions.
• at undervoltage – versions with undervoltage protection.
• Remotely – versions with remote trip release.

The basic version of pushbutton (2P) or rocker (2R) switch is DPST (Double Pole Single Throw) switch and thermal breaker which responds to overloading of one or both contacts. By adding another contact, a three-pole switch with three SPST contacts (3P, 3R) is created, while the third contact is not protected.

Double pole and three pole switches can be extended by auxiliary single pole changeover (SPDT) switch (2PA, 2RA, 3PA, and 3RA), undervoltage protection/remote release/mechanical lock-out latch (2PU, 2RU, 3PU, 3RU) or both (2PAU, 2RAU, 3PAU, 3RAU). 3xxx versions are also available with illuminated button.

Mounting of TA45 switch is simple. Simply slide it inward into the precisely cutted out hole (snap-in mount) or fasten it from rear side with the AZZ05 cover (flange mount).

TA45 series also includes accessories such as covers for IP 54 or IP 65, rear cover, locking device, flat gaskets etc.

Before the use, be aware of the difference between TA45 and the circuit breaker. Almost all circuit breakers combine two release mechanisms: thermal (bi-metal) for long-lasting overload and electromagnetic for fast-response to short-circuit (multiple of rated current). The TA45 switches contain only thermal breaker so the short-circuit response is significantly slower.

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  • UL, VDE, CCC approvals
  • Rated Voltage AC 240 V, DC 60V for 2xxx versions, AC 400V for 3xxx versions
  • Rated current range 0.05 - 20 A for 2xxx versions, AC 0.05 - 12 A for 3xxx versions
  • Typical endurance 50 000 switching cycles at rated AC or DC current
  • Overload: AC: min. 40trips at 6 x rated current, DC: min. 50trips at 4 x rated current
  • Quick connect terminal 6.3 x 0.8 mm or screw clamp terminal M3.5 x 6 mm (lineside P1, P2)
  • Ambient temperature range -10 to 55°C

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TA45-ABNTP100C0 (4430.2580) SCHURTER

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TA45-ABNTP100C0 (4430.2580)

Circuit Breakers

Thermal Circuit Breaker TA45, 2P, Push Button Actuator, Illum. Green/Red, 10A 240VAC 60VDC, Panel Mount, Faston 6,3mm

1 pcs+ 17,50 €

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TA45-A326L040U2-AZM01 (4430.2609)

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