20 years online (+ competition)

In 1997, we decided to create our own SOS electronic web thus we registered our first own domain. You count well, it is 20 years already.
This is an archive article published 12/13/2017. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.


No 2-3 clicks and card payment! In person and fill out a paper hill ... manually. The company that registered us was the only one in the whole country at that time. It was located in a very lucrative place, in the basement of a 12 storey block of flats. We successfully avoided long queue, as it came only after a few years. We were among the first 120 applicants.


Once we had a domain they told us that we now need a website. That's what we got at a flash speed, in just ... Well, guess :).  
A guy who did it for us had a modern 17 "colour CRT monitor from which we could not take our eyes off. In our office, we have worked on 14 "black and white CRT monitors and one" luxury "colour CRT monitor. It had 15" and the privilege of being connected to the Internet.

Internet connection in 1997

The standard way to connect to the Internet was via a dial-up telephone line that presupposed a hill of cables. In some days, we got connected within 10sec. Do you remember that mysterious beep while connecting? The space velocity was 28.8Kbps for us, and we have always been extremely satisfied. Well, and to satisfy you, we've prepared a small competition for you


How long did it take to create the design of our first website?”

Write it to us in hours. The competition is active by the end of the year.

Of those closest to the correct answer, we will draw one winner in January 2018.
Lenovo TAB3 7 is waiting for the winner.

Thank you for your efforts and all your responses.
We received exactly 241 answers. Also, we left the spread of results +/- 1 hour to get more correct answers.

The correct response is 4.5 hours.
We have drawn the winner of Lenovo Tab3 7 Essential. And the winner is from Hungary, Mr. Schveibert Róbert .


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