At first glance, an ordinary competition for an electric scooter

At first, the challenge seemed to be very simple

From September 2021 to June 2022, students had the opportunity to participate in the competition for various material prizes every month. The condition was to correctly answer a series of questions in the field of electrical engineering and electronics. All the questions were prepared in a way that the correct answer could be found in tables, books or on the Internet. And maybe it was also hiding on our website But we didn't tell them that. :)  

"We didn't want the right answer to be unreachable for them. But we tried to make them think so the prize is not for free. We are pleased that our activity was interesting not only for the students themselves, but also for the high school principals and teachers of vocational subjects," says Jozef Verbovský, manager of the marketing department.

And the statement of the winner of the main prize, the electric scooter, Daniel Paciga, speaks of the fact that we really succeeded. By the way, this talented student, currently a successful graduate of the Secondary School of Technology and Design in Poprad, Slovakia, participated in all 12 competition questions.

At first glance, an ordinary competition for an electric scooter

Read, study, do research. Winning the competition was not for free

„Some of the questions didn't take me much time to answer and I was sure I got the answer right almost immediately. However, some of them were more challenging and I had to put quite an effort to find the answer. Read, study, do research. Let me tell you, it required a lot of work, but at the end of the day I was happy when I got the correct answer. It meant a lot to me," explains Daniel about his feelings about the competition. 

The competition took place literally on an international level. We brought the opportunity to participate in it to students in Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland. These are the markets where SOS electronic, among other things, actively acts as an authorized distributor of the brands of many global manufacturers of electronic components.

Experience is very important

It's done, the competition is over, the prizes have been awarded. At the beginning of July we came to officially award the main prize to the winner with the participation of the school director Mr. Ing. Jaroslav Bašista and his team. It was them with whom we exchanged our experiences from teaching and practice. We introduced them to our concept of the open day at SOS electronic and opened other possibilities for close cooperation with them.

We believe that such competitive activities could also make students interested in electronics and electrical engineering, from which all of us, companies, as well as educational institutions will ultimately benefit.