“Best Employer 2015“ award for SOS electronic
When we were approached by an international company Aon Hewitt in spring to participate in a study of employees’ motivation, we thought it’s gonna be a great opportunity how to identify gaps in managing our people. Survey was based on anonymous evaluation by our own employees and was performed out of reach of SOS electronic management.

The results of this study confirmed our positive steps in personnel area but also showed what can be improved.

"Best Employer 2015" award has been an icing on the cake that we have received after this study. In the category of small and medium-sized companies, we were among the companies with the highest rate of employees’ motivation.

We have fair and humane approach towards our employees and also towards our customers. These two are interconnected, satisfied customer = satisfied employee and vice versa.

Thank you and as we always say, we will continue to constantly improve! :-)