Energy we all need

Our life depends on energy; our digital and virtual life fully relies on batteries and accumulators. To run our digital life, we need tons of batteries.
This is an archive article published 02/02/2017. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

If it is a smartphone, a laptop, an alarm system or even a wristwatch, almost all electronic devices nowadays use batteries, rechargeable or primary. Just to mention some of the most popular ones, our company offers a wide range of primary and rechargeable batteries, starting with SLA through NiMH, Li-ion, LiPol LiSOCl and NiZn batteries. Probably the most advanced SLA rechargeable batteries are made by Panasonic; they work reliably for years even in extreme temperature ranges and many outdoor applications such as traffic control, alarm systems, UPS power supplies use these batteries.

Newer technologies used in rechargeable batteries such as Li-ion and LiPol can store high energy in tiny packages and are very suitable for handheld devices like measuring devices, sensors, wearables, portable systems or even in EVs and e-bikes. This technology has many advantages comparing to NiMH and SLA. Energy density is much higher than in NiMH and SLA batteries. Also a big advantage of LiPol technology is that these batteries can be manufactured in any shape and they almost perfectly fit the whole space inside the devices. The Li-ion technology is more stringent than LiPol and only cylindrical shape for batteries can be made using this technology. The most popular size is 18650, which means 16mm diameter and 65mm length. These rechargeable batteries come in capacities around 2000mAh and are mainly used in battery packs for portable devices such as measuring devices, cameras and special equipment. These batteries are also used in today’s most popular EV– Tesla Model S.

NiMH and newer NiZn rechargeable batteries are suitable for price sensitive devices with lower power consumption, while NiZn batteries are also used for short high current loads, as in photoflashes. Many small handheld electrical tools use NiMH or NiZn rechargeable batteries.

The LiSOCl primary (Non rechargeable) batteries are very suitable for IoT sensors which should work for a long time without battery change. These batteries have very low self-discharging current and could last for years in low power applications, such as sensors or medical handheld devices.

As the renewable energy technologies will become more and more important in the future, the battery technology, energy storage and its optimal distribution in time will also be of importance.

Please, check our offer of primary and rechargeable batteries at:

LiPol and Li-ion rechargeable batteries
LiSOCl primary batteries
NiMH and SLA rechargeable batteries
NiZn rechargeable batteries
Lithium primary button cells

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