The Innovations and Vision of TRACO POWER with Market Manager Igor Ginzburg

In the vast domain of electronic components and power supplies, TRACO POWER stands as a beacon of quality and stability. Its reputation as a reliable brand is well-earned, offering high-quality solutions across sectors. Igor Ginzburg, the market manager of TRACO POWER, recently joined us at the Slovak headquarters of SOS electronic to discuss the company's latest advancements and strategic directions.

The Innovations and Vision of TRACO POWER with Market Manager Igor Ginzburg

The TRACO POWER company continuously evolves its product line, with a keen emphasis on both innovative new products and a long-term strategic vision.

It's a medical market, general industry market, building automation market and railway market. And in each area, we have some new products”, said Mr Ginzburg.

Some notable mentions from their upcoming range include the TDU1 series, which promises to be a game-changer in the market. For railway tech enthusiasts, the TP 150W and 200W series, featuring an ultra-wide input voltage range, are particularly exciting. 

Dedication to quality and longevity 

The company’s commitment to its older product series is noteworthy. Despite the introduction of new technologies, the demand for their time-tested series from decades past remains strong, underscoring TRACO POWER's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. 

When assessing the global electronics components market, Igor highlighted its stability but emphasized the importance of forward-thinking. The success of the previous year has been universal, but external challenges remind businesses always to be prepared and adaptable. 

In addition to products, TRACO POWER is focusing on enhancing customer engagement. At upcoming events and exhibitions, attendees can look forward to interactive sessions. One such initiative is the introduction of TRACO POWER’s revamped website. The platform is designed to simplify user experiences, from product comparisons to resource downloads like PCB layouts and certificates. 

“Customer journey is not linear anymore and a lot of developers are getting their information from the Internet. The main challenge is that you can find information everywhere and there is an overload of it. And the problem is to find the right information just in time. And this is our strategy at TRACO POWER to supply you, our partners, and our end customers, with the right information just in time.” continues Igor Ginzburg.

AI’s role in shaping the future 

AI's emergence as a dominant tech theme hasn't escaped TRACO POWER. The company is exploring AI integration, particularly in enhancing customer support. Future plans include deploying AI-driven chatbots that streamline user queries, connecting them seamlessly to technical support or relevant departments. 

“I have the same feeling that AI will be very important in the future. And we are trying to follow this trend. We are currently testing some AI functions. For example, we are testing a function for our internal uses with ERP and with CRM system. The data warehouse is huge and to analyse this, you need a smart datamining system and, in this case, AI is likely to be a solution for us, as well as for communicating with our customers on our homepage."

Forging stronger partnerships

Detailing the strategic vision of TRACO POWER, Igor emphasized the importance of deepening partner relationships, fostering digitalization, and consistently expanding the product portfolio. The roadmap aims to strike a balance between maintaining the current product quality while spearheading innovation. 

“We would like to intensify our partner management and bring our sales forces closer to the customers. We have experienced employees in technical support and customized solution department to support our partners in the design of processes. And of course, we are following digitalization trends to support our partners in their customer journey and to supply them with the right information via different communication channels, in different touchpoints. And what is very important through innovation and active portfolio management, we constantly expand our range of products.” Igor said. 

Safety is a paramount concern for TRACO POWER. With a spotlight on products emphasizing reinforced isolation and critical safety features, the company is keenly observing trends, especially in the realm of EV charging. 

Recognizing the potential of budding engineers and students, TRACO POWER is taking steps to collaborate with various European universities. The aim is to foster innovation, especially in booming sectors like EV charging and building automation.

The Innovations and Vision of TRACO POWER with Market Manager Igor Ginzburg

A partnership built on excellence 

Our longstanding partnership with TRACO POWER has been fruitful. As Igor points out, SOS electronic isn’t merely a distributor but a valued partner. Our shared commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction propels us forward, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

“SOS is one of the best partners not only in Eastern Europe but probably all over the world. Because I like your online strategy, I like your marketing strategy, and, from time to time, it's true, I'm using you as an example for other partners.” 

You can listen to the entire interview with Igor Ginzburg on all podcast platforms of SOS electronic. Don't miss out! Tune in now and stay informed.

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