Wrote about us: Central storehouse of SOS meets all its customers’ requirements.

It has not been long since SOS electronic fundamentally changed its model of distribution and centralised its logistics and local storehouses into one big centre. Some customers were worried that the delivery times would be longer or that the availability of products would decrease, but the opposite is true. These days, deliveries are even faster and more flexible than before and the number of orders is increasing. HW server has closely looked at the services of SOS logistics centre.
This is an archive article published 01/09/2013. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.
The advantages of the central dispatch of orders are evident at first sight. In case of such products as electronic components, the range of standard items (passive components, relays, etc.) is in stock, the orders for most of integrated circuits are placed with the producers only after customer’s request. This is nothing strange, because it is usually not possible to predict the demand for different versions of the circuits and it is also not suitable to keep them all in stock.

Moreover, the good relationship of distributor and producer ensures the delivery of goods within a few days. This is also one of the reasons why in SOS electronic’s range you can find a stable group of verified producers and majority of them recommend SOS electronic as a distributor. Such mutual business relation guarantees great cooperation.


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After the delivery from the producer is received at the central storehouse and checked, the components are immediately assigned to the customer’s order and they are ready to be dispatched. Thus, they often stay in the storehouse for only few hours and one unnecessary step, the transloading of goods between two storehouses, is eliminated. Speed and efficiency are the main criteria when processing the whole order. This is supported by the fact that when you order components that are in stock before 10am, they are dispatched on the same day.

Wrote about us: Central storehouse of SOS meets all its customers’ requirements.
The volume of consignments dispatched from the central storehouse also guarantees constant quality. Everything that is dispatched is well-packed and labeled with identification labels. The circuits sensitive to static electricity are handled only at ESD workstation. Similarly, great care is taken in order to prevent moisture and dirt to cause damage; sensitive components are vacuum packed in a special packer. Components in the consignment are always packed individually and items are labeled, which saves you time, because after opening the box, you do not have to investigate what is what.

Wrote about us: Central storehouse of SOS meets all its customers’ requirements.
The distribution centre is divided into five sectors; the receiving dock and the shipping dock are separated. To save time, an automatic trolley carries out the transfer of components between sectors. There are people who look after every single consignment and they bear in mind that components need to arrive safely, well labeled and separated.

Wrote about us: Central storehouse of SOS meets all its customers’ requirements.
In SOS electronic, before shipping a consignment, the items to be dispatched are inspected. It is precisely this double shipping inspection that ranks SOS electronic among the distributors with the lowest error rate of packing. The packages are protected by padding, are packed, and handed over to the delivery service. There are several hundreds of such consignments dispatched from the central storehouse. Most of the time, they are delivered by delivery services within the next day. Finally, it can be added that currently a second warehouse is being built; it will extend existing storage area and will serve mostly as pallet storage for bulky goods.

Source: Robert Peška, editorial office of HW server, 26th November 2012 - 23:00

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