Ultra fast IGBT from STMicroelectronics

ST has introduced the first 600V IGBT family belonging to the new ultra fast “W” series. Based on ST’s well established PowerMESH technology, the new series allows very low turn off energy (Eoff), that enables these new devices to operate up to 130kHz.
This is an archive article published 12/12/2006. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.
New Levels of Performance
These 600V rated IGBTs are targeted towards high frequency SMPS, welding and induction cooking applications. Thanks to the utilization of a new lifetime control system new levels of performance have been obtained. This process consists of electron irradiation and realizes the best trade-off between on-state voltage and switching energy losses. Moreover, with the optimization of the doping and thickness of the epitaxial layer, the stored charge is reduced, lowering the tail current and, as a consequence, the turn-off energy losses. This allows these devices to be operated at higher frequencies.
STGW30NC60WD Main Features
  • VCE(sat) = 1.8V @125°C
  • IC = 30A @100°C
  • BVCES = 600V
  • Current Fall time, tf = 38ns @ 25°C
  • Package: TO-247
  • Co-packaged damper diode
  • Soft and fast recovery anti-parallel diode
This new device, along with the bigger STGW39NC60WD, represents the best solution for high frequency SMPS and PFC in both hard switch and resonant topologies, UPS and motors drivers where price is as important as performance.
Benchmarking With Competitors
In order to characterize this new series a first comparison has been made between the STGW30NC60WD and an equivalent competitor’s part in a Full Bridge ZVS DC-DC converter, typical of welding applications. From the first customer results, the new STGW30NC60WD showed better overall performance than one of our competitor’s best parts. The IGBTs under test, belong to the same punch- through technology, are comparable in terms of current capability, and both devices are utilized for very high frequency applications.

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