Moisture will no longer catch you

Voltcraft MF-100 Moisture Meter measures non-invasively and easily majority of building materials up to 40mm depth.
This is an archive article published 04/30/2019. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

Many times we need to measure the moisture of some material (wood, concrete, wall) before further construction work can go on, such as coating or painting. The MF-100 digital meter, measuring on a capacitive principle, is perfectly suited for this kind of measurement.

The permittivity of many materials depends on their moisture. The MF-100, as well as many other moisture meters operating on this principle, is a "ratio meter", i.e. the display does not show the exact moisture value, but the "value" that corresponds to the moisture of the measured material.

This means that the other figure corresponds to the dry wood and another to the drywall of the drywall. Knowing how to compare two places is in practice many times more important than absolute moisture value.

If you measure just a few types of materials, you will quickly find out the range to which the measured data are moving for a given material, and thus what value corresponds to dry and damp material.

The MF-100 features a clear backlit display and audible alarm that greatly speeds up the measurement, as you don't have to keep an eye on the display and focus on a particular measurement location. Of course, there are maximum and minimum moisture measurement functions with the Hold function, which can freeze the current value for a comfortable countdown even without the probe touching the material being measured.

For quick reference, the display also has a status indicator that indicates the humidity level in three states: DRY, RISK and WET. You can set your own values ​​for this indicator and adjust it for your preferred measurements.

The moisture value is displayed in a range of 0-100 with a resolution of ± 0.1. The moisture probe used can measure various materials up to 20-40mm deep without the need to drill the measured material.

Where you can use the hygrometer:

As we have already mentioned, the MF-100 finds its application especially in the measurement of building materials, which makes it suitable for use in construction and wherever the humidity of these materials needs to be measured. It will also find its application in the wood industry.

Thanks to the affordable price you can also find it useful in the home measurement. For example, if you burn wood, you know it is good to use dry wood to maximize its calorific value.

You can also use this tool to detect the problem of poor waterproofing in your home and start to deal with it early before molds or blemishes appear on the walls.

The use is really a lot and if you prefer simple operation, fast and non-invasive measurement, this moisture meter is the ideal choice. MF-100 is part of our warehouse products. 

If you need further information or you are interested in other VOLTCRAFT products, we will be glad to advise you at

Interesting features:

  • Measurement depth 20-40mm
  • Measured material wood, concrete, plaster, and other building materials
  • Measuring range 0-100 units
  • Measured value resolution ± 0.1 unit
  • Capacitance measurement method
  • Backlit display / audible signalling

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Capacitive Moisture Meter 0-100% 240x60x30mm


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